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No monsters yet, but getting a few

You could not find a better example of local knowledge being so superior to our limited experience out here than early on in the flood tide yesterday. We are fishing a spot in Dungarvan Bay using various hard and soft lures and to be honest not doing that great - my excuse is that we were waiting for the tide. Ger turns up and tells us that in front of us we have two dirty great holes/drop-offs and that we should try and get down much deeper because sometimes the bass hang very tight to the shore and almost beneath our feet. Nick Roberts straight away rummages around in his various lure boxes and comes up with a Black Minnow shad. A couple of bass in very quick succession later and I think that all we could do was turn and grin at Ger and say thank you !! I took a fish on the pearl MegaBass Zonk Gataride that smashed me almost right under my feet, but without doubt the best thing was seeing serious numbers of bass starting to move up with the tide. Nick Hart hooked a lost a couple of bass that he had seen moving and cast at.

We then moved out on to the Copper Coast and the conditions were beginning to look very, very tidy and I sort of stood there and told myself that if at least one bass wasn't landed that I was going to give myself a good kicking. Almost the next cast and I hooked a fish at range on my "comes out in Ireland colour" sardine red belly IMA/DUO Nabarone 125F. Everybody caught bass, Nick Hart got electrocuted a couple of times on an electric fence that Ger had assured him was not on - local knowledge eh ??!!, and we had to walk through a field that had a massive black bull looking after his cows and looking at us like we were mere flies to be swatted. After we got through the last electric fence I manned up and mooed back at the bull and got to regret it later when we had to walk back through the same field and he was without doubt looking right at me !! Oh, and to keep my lovely wife happy who left her first ever blog comment on my last post - the scenery is as stunning as ever out here and really we should move over, drop out and fish for ever !! More to come.........

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