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No netting for bass - please, please sign and share this online petition

I have taken this text below from an email I got from the Angling Trust, and this whole push to have our esteemed fisheries minister take anglers’ concerns and indeed needs to the negotiating table. Please, please follow the links here and sign the online petition and send a message to George Eustice - it’s as easy as clicking on a website to order a new bass fishing lure, but for how much longer will be targeting our beloved bass if the stocks are never given at least a fighting chance at getting back to somewhere near healthy levels?

“Hook & Line only and a fairer deal for anglers – those are the proposals for bass fishing put forward by the EU for 2017. Those are also the proposals we need our fisheries minister, George Eustice, to support when he and other fisheries ministers from around Europe go to Brussels on December 12th to negotiate how much bass can be caught – and by whom – in 2017.

Sea anglers got a raw deal in 2016 but the EU Commission’s proposals for 2017, which would ban gill nets fishing for bass and give anglers a monthly bag limit rather than the unfair and unpopular one-fish a day bag limit, are excellent and must be implemented by ministers.

We won’t secure a better deal for sea anglers without your support! Sign the petition now then share it with your family, friends and fishing buddies. Every single signature counts. Read the Angling Trust’s new bass briefing HERE for all the information you need to know.”