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Noisy or quiet hard lures - please enlighten me......

I know that the action or colour of a hard lure is what grabs most of us first, but do you think much about the actual noise or indeed lack of it that the particular lure might make when it's in the water and being fished ? I have various theories myself, but I am going to have to admit to being a little confused................perhaps not for the reasons you might think though. Please read on and give me your thoughts and advice in the comments section.

OK, so let's take a known and proven bass catching hard lure like the Maria Chase BW - as regards colour, the holographic silver was the first one I ever got hold, and it caught bass for me from the off. Holo-silver is therefore my favourite colour. I can't fault the action as well because it catches plenty of bass in all kinds of conditions. Like you I am sure, I tend to pick up a lure and rattle it - now most lures do make some kind of noise when you rattle it, but is that noise from the hooks and split rings shaking around, the weight-transfer system moving around, or indeed some kind of deliberate internal system that is meant to produce extra noise when the lure is retrieved ? Believe it or not, the fact that the Maria Chase is essentially a "silent" hard lure did not strike home for ages, and most likely not until I began frying my brain with thinking about it all !!

I really got to thinking about this noise issue more and more after I spent time talking to the DUO lures guy at the Nantes bass show. One of my go-to hard lures for rough conditions is the awesome DUO Tide Minnow 145 SLD-S, and aside from the internal, moving weight-transfer system that I must presume helps this lure cast so well, I can also hear a number of what have to be tiny ball-bearings rattling around inside - these must make one hell of a racket underwater when you retrieve it. But from my recent understanding, it's the French guys from Ultimate Fishing that requested for some kind of "noise maker" to be put inside this particular lure. If I am right, and I stand to be corrected, if you bought this lure direct from Japan then it would not have any added noise making stuff inside. Different anglers wanting different things.

Now I wish I understood more about these weight-transfer systems that we have in so many of our hard lures - some move around and then I presume "lock" into place when you cast and retrieve the lure, but plenty are essentially fixed in place like you can see here on the IMA Popkey. The Popkey is what I would call a "silent" surface lure. OK, so to a fish it must make a certain amount of noise as it moves across the surface, but it does not have any added "noise making stuff" inside.

OK, so my basic understanding is that it surely can't hurt for a lure to make some noise extra when you are fishing either rough or relatively coloured conditions, and conversely I feel far more comfortable using a "silent" lure when conditions are somewhat calmer. But then we have to remember that what we hear when we rattle our lures is most likely nothing remotely close to what or how the fish picks it all up. Can you see now how it's so easy to get tied up in knots here ?

So I got back from the Nantes show and began rattling a load of different lures that I use for my fishing - and I have to admit that on some lures that I had presumed were "noisy" lures, in fact they are on the quiet side, and all that rattling I was hearing was in fact the movable weight-transfer systems. Or are they ? Am I getting it wrong here ? I can very easily distinguish between the sound of the weight-transfer system and the tiny ball-bearings in my DUO Tide Minnow 145 SLD-S for example, but then I rattle something like the killer MegaBass Zonk 120 Gataride and I am not so sure. I think there is some kind of "noise maker" inside the Gataride, but I am not completely sure. Not speaking or understanding a word of Japanese most likely does not help one bit when it comes to trying to decipher the lure packaging, but can any of you enlighten me a bit more ? My thanks in advance..........as I said, I have plenty of my own theories, but I would be fascinated to hear what you lot think about this subject.