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Not a bad start at all...........

Although I fished like a tit. Ger had a few bass before Eric and I even got to the spot, and as we were walking out there he hooked into another one. Ireland doing it yet again. Honestly, my attempt at sleep last night was pathetic. My brain is telling me that I need to close my eyes and sleep because the alarm's going off at 3.30pm, but the little voice of course has other ideas and tells me all about how my first fishing day in Ireland this year might pan out.

I hooked a fish pretty swiftly on the MegaBass Cutter 125 wound real slow and with my rod tip up, but the swine fish came off after a bit of a scrap. I then put a surface lure on and had a few proper swirls and slashes, but for all my attempts at stopping, slowing down, speeding up etc. the fish would not jump on the hooks. What surface lure ? Go on, have a guess, couldn't be the IMA Salt Skimmer could it ? Oh, and Ger and Eric caught a couple more bass.

There is no doubt that weightless soft plastics are changing the way that many bass anglers fish, and these lads out here are hammering fish on them, plus on a mark like where we were fishing this morning we are casting into areas you simply could never have done with a hard lure - plus because of how these plastics can be fished the guys are also staying on the spot longer in the tide and still taking fish, and I am sure this has a lot to do with how subtly and quietly these kinds of lures can be fished.

I was gingerly making my way across some truly ankle-breaking ground when I got a call on the walkie-talkie from Eric that he had a bass around 7lbs for me to come and photograph. Then I make my way over to Ger to photograph a roughly 6.5lb bass of his, and I guess you could say that once more Ireland was doing its stuff. You know by now how much I love being out here, but I have to remind myself sometimes that while bass like these may be fairly regular in some parts of Ireland, for many anglers (me included), we would so love to see more fish like this in the waters we fish back home.

Eric told me he had watched as a bass up around the 10lb mark had followed his soft plastic right in, only to turn away right at the last moment and shoot off. I rigged up that soft plastic lure that I bought the other day (see here) and fished it by doing nothing more than winding it really slowly where it fishes with the most sublime slalom action. OK, so I did actually not catch on it this morning, but I did get smacked hard on it and the fish then made an almighty swirl in the shallow water. Talk about a pumping heart !!

Anyway, plenty more to come. The weather is due to blow hard from the south west tomorrow (summer ?) so it looks like we are going to have to tuck away a bit and try to find some decent water. The thing is around here that if you find some good looking water then you are always in with a shout at a decent bass, and especially if I work on putting my rather inept fishing behind me from today and actually fish like a fisherman tomorrow. This afternoon I got hit by a bass so close in that I forgot to set the hooks in my shock at what happened. Not bad eh ? Just warming up............