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Not a bad start for east winds.......

Is this really May ? Early yesterday morning and we're all wrapped up against the cold wind like it's the middle of winter. Prolonged east winds hardly inspires confidence on this coastline, but on these trips you take what you get and roll with it, and when James and then Cian and then Ger were into bass within about the first ten minutes you do start to wonder. Ireland will never cease to amaze me. No big fish yesterday, although Cian did have a half-tidy fish come out from behind a rock and then turn away from his lure.

For the most part we were fishing some very shallow, rough ground yesterday, and the lads from Absolute Fishing continue to do well on the killer IMA SF125 and also the SF130 Slim. The fishing was never remotely hectic, but a few fish ended up being caught and for the conditions we had I'll take that as pretty damned good. This inaugural Irish Bass Festival at the end of July out here is going to be a blast, and there is still plenty of time to go ahead and enter if you can make it. Ger will never, ever go out bass fishing without at least a handful of the Feed Shallows in his (many) lure boxes and I was really watching him yesterday as he tends to reel them fairly slowly but almost very deliberately if that makes sense.

I meanwhile gave a pretty good class in "exactly not how to go and hit a classic surface take". Talk about overexcitement. I had one of those proper swirls on my IMA Salt Skimmer and struck the fish before I felt him hook up - as I hit the fish and felt the rod bang I knew straight away that I had messed up. What a tit, but we've all done it and we'll all do it sometime again. I don't mind admitting when I have fished like an idiot !! Anyway, longer blog posts will come when I have a bit more time, but we have started and with the long range forecast looking decidedly interesting the excitement levels are somewhat off the scale............