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Not sure when I can blog next....

I am just getting packed to head off to Bolivia tomorrow, and I am not sure when I will next be able to put a blog post up here - I seriously doubt whether there will be any internet access in the jungle where we are heading, so please check back from time to time to see what is going on. There is plenty on the site to look at and read as well. Hard as it is to leave my family again after such a short bit of time together, this is what I do, and we are all ok with it. I am back on the 25th August, so it is not really a very long trip. Get in, get what we need, and get home. Should be awesome, can't wait to be around golden dorado again, and especially the chance to photograph pure sight fishing to them in freestone jungle rivers. There is so much to do in South America, and these people here are THE people you need to speak to about fishing down there.

If I do get the chance to post anywhere on my trip, of course I will do so, but otherwise it will be back to regular service once I am home again. I have also got a whack load of Irish bass fishing photos to process to go with my magazine features, and in due course I will also get a load more of them up here as well. I have been going back through the stuff I got out there last week and I am happier and happier with it the more I edit it down. This new Nikon camera gear is really helping me out hugely. Can't wait to use and abuse the gear in the Bolivian jungle now - after three different flights I think !! The joys of steerage class eh ??!! Anyway, best go finish packing and then spend the afternoon on the beach with my girls.

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