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Off for a couple of weeks of guiding work in Ireland, will blog when possible

I’ve been looking forward to this for ages, and yes, whilst it might be considered a bit strange by some to actively look forward to more work, these trips I do with John Quinlan of Thatch Cottage Fishing Lodge are an absolute blast and I love it. I leave home early on Saturday morning, do the roughly 4.5hr drive to Fishguard in my gloriously ugly but so bloody comfortable to drive new car, catch the 14.30 ferry to Rosslare in south east Ireland, and then if all goes to plan it’s another 4.5 to 5hrs of driving the other side to get to Kerry. Not the shortest journey in the world, but I’m used to it, and waking up to a Kerry dawn on Sunday morning will make it all more than worthwhile…………..

Our two girls have just got back from spending a week in France with a French family we know, so whilst I have only the one day with them before I have to head off to Ireland and I will miss them like mad, as a parent it makes me so happy to see them having such an awesome summer holiday. We don’t do wasted days here and I reckon they will need to go back to school for a rest at the end of these holidays! They do sometimes ask me why I am not on holiday with them, but they understand that dad has to work.

Anyway, as per usual when I am away on these trips, I will put stuff up here when possible, but please accept that time is somewhat limited. I would also like to apologise that I sometimes am simply unable to reply to all the emails and messages I get via this blog and website - I try my best, but I work on my own here and I just can’t answer everything that isn’t directly work related. I try, and I don’t like not sometimes being able to reply to people, but I can’t see a way round it. Please don’t think me rude if I have not been able to get back to you. I had best go sort the gear out for this Ireland trip now. Have a good weekend, catch up soon. Roll on Test Match Special for my journey tomorrow (another epic summer of cricket), and then the fascinating first season of the Serial podcasts that I can bluetooth from my iPhone to the stereo in my ugly as sin Berlingo - is that progress or what?!