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Off for a few days with my family

I am off to the Isle of Wight for a few days later on today, to go and join my family who have been there since Friday - I had to stay behind and work, but now it's time for a little bit of holiday. The laptop has to come though, but I can get a load of writing done early in the morning before everybody is up, and then spend the days messing around on the beach, going for lots of walks, and generally doing what is most important in this life - being with family. It's good to be busy, and a freelancer like me is not into turning down worthwhile work, but I do all I can to put all that stuff aside when possible and spend time with my wife and girls. Plus Jess my sheepdog of course. Fishing might be my life and work, but it can wait..............


We are already getting loads of really good feedback about this new "Adventure Fishing" magazine, and I wanted to say a huge thanks for all the blog and Facebook comments, plus emails etc. Apparently the magazine has been available for a few days in some shops, but the "official" launch is today, Wednesday 11th. Adventure Fishing is meant to fill a niche rather than compete with anything else out there, so I hope that anglers and the fishing trade gives it a proper go. There are some incredibly strong fishing magazines here in the UK that have been established for ages, and I am really proud to work for a few of them. But Adventure Fishing is a chance to do things a bit differently - not better, just differently. I personally think that we have some of the best angling publications around here in the UK, and I hope that over time that Adventure Fishing becomes one of them.


I am really getting into working on Issue 2 at the moment - lots of ideas flying around, and we are starting to get lots of material together. Please do get in touch if you have some ideas about what we should be doing, or indeed if you have what it takes to possibly write and photograph for us. Do what I do all the time in my working life - show us what you've got. Create some online thumbnail galleries (I tend to use SmugMug for my clients for example), put some ideas down, and get in touch - contact me here for starters. This world is not a closed shop, and the industry needs new people. Nobody is going to retire on fishing magazine related income, but it's one hell of a buzz to be involved.


Anyway, I need to clear some stuff before I head off. I will post again sometime soon, most likely middle of next week. Thanks to all of you for following my blog. I so love doing it, and I love the fact that it is read by more and more people each week. As with the magazine, please give me feedback whenever you can. I do read all the comments.


Photo courtesy Mick Ward.

But before I go, you need to check out this monster 5lb 9oz wrasse that 8 year old Luke Lewis caught over in Jersey last week - a huge fish by any stretch, but the outstanding thing is that Luke nailed this fish on a soft plastic lure. If you needed any more proof that wrasse are indeed a more than viable lure species, then this has to be it. I can't tell you how impressed I am by what Luke has achieved, and I know his dad Simon is proud as punch. Well done Luke. The fish went back of course. Lure was the (killer) MegaBass XLayer on a 5g jighead. Awesome stuff !!

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