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Off to Ballybunion for the weekend

I am flying from Bristol to Shannon on the west coast of Ireland later on today to attend the first ever Ballybunion Angling and Marine show - check out the details here. To say I am rather overexcited about heading back over to Ireland would be an understatement, and especially because this is a part of the country I have never actually been to. I've spent plenty of time around Waterville and then on the north side of the Shannon, but I have never yet been to Ballybunion - and I can't wait. I hear that there is some awesome bass fishing ground around there..............

I really hope to see you a few of you at the show - I will be there for the three days doing various bits and pieces. I believe I am giving a photography talk on Friday night and it's my hope that I don't send the audience to sleep !! I do love yapping about all things fishing and photography and I always do my best to make the subject of photography very approachable - I have never had any training at it and my theory has always been that if I can do it then a lot more people could so easily take far better photos of their own fishing with just a little more thought and effort.

Anyway, you all have a good few days and I hope that the fish behave for you if you manage to get out and about. I am not sure if I will have access to the internet while I am in Ballybunion, but whatever the case I am due back in the UK around late afternoon on Monday.

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