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Off to Canada tomorrow

It never for one second ceases to amaze me how relatively accessible so much of the world is these days thanks to air travel - imagine going to Canada before planes were invented, yet tomorrow morning I will get on an Air Canada flight at the quite delightful Heathrow Terminal 3 (cattle class of course) and head over to Vancouver. Overnight in Vancouver and then on Sunday morning I will take the short flight up to Terrace in the wilds of British Columbia. My base will be the incredible Nicholas Dean setup via the Aardvark McLeod lot and I can't wait to get back to the sheer majesty of BC and the mighty Skeena river system. Excited ? What do you think ? I have been to Canada a few times and I love the country. I remember flying north from Vancouver a few years back and seeing basically nothing but mountains, lakes, woods and rivers. A glorious lack of people. BC is a big, wild place and I am one lucky fishing photographer to be going over there...........

I am going purely as a photographer and I don't expect to be doing any fishing - which I know might sound a bit daft, but firstly me and a fly rod ain't exactly going to make sweet music at the best of times, and secondly this is my job and I need to get as much material as possible to make a trip like this worthwhile from a business point of view. Of course I want to fish, but I have also learnt what it takes to shoot proper fishing photos - and I need a wide variety of them. Target species are going to be fresh-run spring steelhead (ocean-going rainbow trout) and maybe some big chinooks. Wild rainbow trout do it for me in a big way, but I would love to see a big chinook hit a fly and charge off. I am told it's some pretty explosive stuff.

I spent a few days with the Nicholas Dean crowd around the time of the 2007 rugby world cup I think it was, and they are some of the finest freshwater guides you could ever hope to meet. I am also very much looking forward to finally meeting a US steelhead junkie/photographer by the name of Jeff Bright as he will be hosting a trip the same time I am there. I have admired Jeff's work for a while now (have a look at his website here) and it will be great to put a face to a name and see how he goes about producing such awesome imagery. I will keep the blog updated as much as possible with what I hope will be some pretty cool photos - I tend to struggle with adjusting to the time difference on the west coast of Canada, so no doubt I will be up and bouncing around at some stupid o'clock most mornings over there. As Pete from Aardvark McLeod says and has personal experience of, pity anybody who has to share a room with me !! Just ask my girls how quiet their Dad is when he wakes up early here at home and tries his best not to stomp around loudly.........herds of African elephants are quieter than me in the morning.

I get back from Canada on Sunday 29th April and then I have four days at home before I pack up and head over to southern Ireland on 4th May for my first bass based fishing/photography trip of the year. Excited ? I'll let you guess the answer to that question !! This is the earliest in the year that I have gone over to Ireland for a bass fishing/photography trip, but it's about time I started heading over there before the close season to take advantage of what can often be some awesome sport. I am getting some good feedback about the wrasse fishing on plastics article of mine that has just come out in Sea Angler magazine, and here is the front cover with a shot of mine on it. It's always a thrill to see your work on the front cover of a magazine. You all have a good week or so and next time you hear from me I will be on the west coast of Canada............