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Off to Ireland for Tight Lines filming

On Sunday I am driving up to Fishguard to grab my "usual" 14.30 StenaLine ferry over to Rosslare, and then when we dock I will head down to Dungarvan and my "usual" Gold Coast Golf self-catering - but this time it's a bit of a different one for me because we've got a crew flying in on Monday from the weekly Sky Sports programme Tight Lines, and the aim is to try and nail some short bass fishing films. Nothing like a bit of pressure !! (if you are thinking of going fishing in Ireland then I would hope that this info page here might be of some assistance).

I should probably be more commercial and spend a load of my time hunting down opportunities to get myself back on the box and presenting fishing series, but having done four series that seem to live forever thanks to endless repeats, I kinda feel uncertain about it - and to be honest I have little interest in repeating the same kind of thing over and over again for dwindling budgets that then mean you can't actually make them at a level you can be proud of.

But I have to say that the couple of days filming I did with the Tight Lines crew over in the Isles of Scilly late last year was a huge amount of fun, and yes, I did get the familiar buzz out of being on location, working with a crew, and getting it done. I can't help but admire the people who work on this show - each and every week they are tasked with putting together an hour of fishing related stuff, and every time they kindly ask me along to the studio it amazes me how much work goes into it. The producer is not one for the limelight, but he is a pro and also a thoroughly nice bloke as well. He probably thinks that I am a bit mad, but that's ok !!

I really enjoy the process of putting together fishing programmes/short films, and yes, I kind of enjoy yapping to the camera and helping bring the stuff together if that makes sense - but strange as it may sound, a part of me can't help but wish that the stuff you filmed then never had to actually go out on TV. I love the actual filming process, but I have always found it very strange and to be honest, sometimes mildly disconcerting that a few anglers then know who I am because my face has been on the box. Yes, I know that in this day and age it seems that every man, woman and child wants to be on TV for whatever vacuous reason, but that's me being honest and you can take it any way you want.

Anyway, we've got the same producer and cameraman as I worked with over on the Isles of Scilly, and if their travel plans go to order then we will get about 2.5 days for filming as much as we can. If the weather behaves and there are a few fish about then all should be cool, but if the fishing and/or conditions are tough then we will have to look into a few backup plans. When I am fishing and photographing I don't have to worry much about things like a cameraman carrying over £50,000 worth of gear and not being comfortable on slippery rocks like we are - filming fishing is very, very different to going fishing !! We shall see what happens, but I will do my best to keep you updated right here.


I put a gallery of photos up from my recent couple of trips over to Ireland - check here. I accept completely that boat fishing is awesome and that it can often give you access to more and bigger fish, but as a photographer I just so love being shore-based and shooting something like bass fishing. I love the ever changing light and as you can see, I just love shooting anglers in the middle of all that majesty. Granted, it doesn't look good all of the time, but the more you are out there, the greater your chances are of seeing things looking pretty damn awesome. I hope of course that with the filming we can get to show off a bit of what we so love, but light, conditions and fish "happenings" are out of our hands somewhat. We shall see what happens..................