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Off to Ireland on Sunday

Me thinks it could be a fair bit of lure fishing in estuaries and out on the coast at night - if this admittedly stunning weather sticks around then it shall be a case of adapting to the conditions and doing what we can to nail the bass around Dungarvan and the Copper Coast. I am taking my "usual" 14.30 StenaLine ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare, and then we are staying where I happen to think is the best place for such easy access to the many different locations we fish over there - the Gold Coast Golf Resort. Half an hour up the road in Tramore is the tackle shop that I try to go into without my wallet - Absolute Fishing, another den of temptation.

You book the tides and you can do no more than hope for the right conditions - whatever they might actually be, because as much as I think I would love say a constant SW 3-4 to fizz things up a bit, bass fishing over in Ireland especially continues to prove to me that you can often get some awesome fishing in what would be termed less than ideal conditions by most anglers. I can't help but think back to our Tight Lines filming over there last year when we had E winds and big blue skies, yet we smashed them properly.

I know that I don't do enough lure fishing for bass at night, so in a weird kind of way I am rather enjoying the fact that the conditions might kinda force us to go and do some. I shall of course be taking loads of Black Minnows for bumping down the various bits of current we might fish, plus a few packs of these rather killer Yamamoto Swim Senkos for swimming weedless in and over some of the shallow rough ground along the Copper Coast especially. But then I will also be taking any long range weather forecasts with a big pinch of salt. You can't help but make a few plans for what might happen, but of course it's the ability to adapt to what nature throws at us that to me makes these trips away so much fun. It's Ireland after all, and I shall be packing suncream to thermals and everything in between!!

And as per usual, I am feeling ill with excitement at getting back over there. I am doing some more guiding work with John Quinlan over in Kerry in August, so this trip on Sunday is one of my more usual fishing/photography jaunts. Cue various new/newish/squirrel lures and a bunch of different lure rods to have some proper time with, including the 8'6'' and 9'6'' DFR rods. When I am back I will get a review of the 8'6'' up and then it's up for grabs in a competition - review to come aside, it's one hell of a lure rod, and I am so grateful to Richard for letting me have a thrash with it and then give it away.

I am bound for Salcombe this morning to photograph a day out on a charter boat, something I have not done for a while now. It's a specific job based around some new slow-jigging techniques that the Lure Heaven people are bringing into the UK from Japan, and I can't wait to see the gear and see how it might work for some of our species. I hear that some smaller slow-jigs are soon coming out for shore work especially, and I have a little hunch that these might just do some harm at the right locations. Anyway, best go jump in the car, cross over the Tamar on the Torpoint ferry (passport at the ready of course), and then find my way to Salcombe, a place I haven't been to for years now. As per usual when I am in Ireland, I will update the blog as much as possible. Have a good weekend all, and roll on England v the All Blacks tomorrow morning. Third time lucky?