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Off to Ireland tomorrow....

First Irish trip of the year and I am somewhat overexcited to say the least - the usual waking up at silly o'clock with my brain bouncing around my skull with all manner of thoughts about fishing, photography and work to clear before we go. I have deliberately timed this trip so that Andy and I get the StenaLine ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare tomorrow afternoon - and this is the last day of the bass close season in Ireland. Come Thursday morning and it's fish our proverbial socks off for a week or so until we drop.

All reports I was getting from before the bass close season were of some staggeringly good bass fishing, indeed I am inclined to try and get in a trip over to southern Ireland next year before the close season starts on May 15th. But as you all know, fishing is fishing, and we will take what we get weather and fish wise. If some bass come our way and I get plenty of decent photos then as far as I am concerned I will be as happy as can be. Anybody who kindly follows my blog will know how much Ireland does it for me. I am the wrong side of 35 and I am about as excited as possible at heading over there again.

Andy and I are stating just outside of Dungarven so that we can access as much of the Copper Coast and surrounding estuaries as possible. I feel that I am just about starting to get to grips with this awesome stretch of coastline and a few of its secrets if you like, in that the Irish guys we so love fishing with have kindly opened us up to a number of different locations - but as with anywhere like this, there is a lifetime of fishing along here, and I am right at the start of trying to learn about it. And all over Ireland for that matter. I still maintain that there are huge stretches of the Irish coastline that are yet to be seriously shore fished. It also goes without saying that these trips I do are only possible thanks so some people who go out of their way to help us out, and I hope they know how eternally grateful I always am. If you ever have the merest inkling that you might want to visit this part of Ireland (just do it !!), then make sure to contact the guys at Absolute Fishing in Tramore. Bass fishing epicentre !!

As much as time and internet connections allow I will do my best to keep this blog updated. As you well know, going away on a fishing trip can get pretty hectic, and especially with the amount of time we spend actually out and about, plus at some point in the day or night I need to download my photos and start editing/keywording them. This is what I do though, and I love it with a passion. I am also taking over a few bits of fishing gear that are new to me, in order to get a feel for how they work and what they might do. Lots to come, best clear the rest of my work and then start packing up for the journey tomorrow.