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Off to Ireland tomorrow.......

You'd think that with the amount I go and the fact that I am rapidly maturing to the ripe old age of 40 next year that I would be able to keep calm about heading over to Ireland again - but you'd be wrong, because once again I am almost making myself sick with the amount of adrenaline coursing through me at the mere thought of getting on that StenaLine Fishguard to Rosslare ferry at 2.30pm tomorrow (Weds) afternoon and heading over to my most favourite country on earth. Over-excited ? Can't sleep properly ? Thinking non-stop about what lures to pack ? Gotta be another Ireland trip.........

Nick Hart and I are going to head straight for north Kerry the moment we get off the ferry in Rosslare at around 6/6.30pm tomorrow evening - last time I did this drive it took me about 4 hours or so to get from Rosslare to Tralee where we are staying. Reports are coming in of some decent fishing recently, and if the weather behaves itself I reckon it might be an interesting trip. Last time we fished with the Tralee-based lure nut Seamus back in July we had a fantastic few days, and even then the weather stopped us getting on three or four specific "big fish" spots he wanted us to see. Weather, weather, weather !! Hoping that the weather allows us to fish these spots this time around, but we know what it's all about and we will take whatever comes our way.

The plan is to spend most of the trip up around north Kerry, but if the weather turns bad then we can run back down to the Copper Coast and get a place to stay in Dungarvan. Saying that, there seem to be plenty of places to tuck away along the north Kerry shoreline if needs be, indeed Seamus would be the first to say that he is only scratching the surface of the lure fishing around him - and he's doing seriously well already !! I will keep the blog updated as often as possible depending on internet connections etc.