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Off to Ireland tomorrow

Overexcited ? Can't sleep properly ? It's that time of year again for me when I make my first trip over to Ireland and if anything as I get older and theoretically wiser I am more excited about it than ever. Is this normal ? Not sure, but then I have never cared much for what is meant to be "normal" anyway, and as you well know, there is no place on this earth that gets me going as much as the Emerald Isle...........

I had planned to head over before the close season back in early May, but as with everywhere else the reports I was getting pointed to a slow start to the bass season over there, although I started to hear of some decent fishing right as the close season started. I pulled the trip and instead made plans for this one, so tomorrow morning I head on through Wales to Fishguard to catch the 14.30 StenaLine ferry over to Rosslare. I haven't done this journey for a while now but I bet you I could nearly do it blindfold, and this time around I won't be trying to hold my breath through Wales due to the fact that there are so many of their countrymen who are sure to be playing in the first Lions test on Saturday !!

When I get to Rosslare at 6pm I then drive for about another hour and a half down to the Gold Coast Golf Resort down in Dungarvan on the south coast. I really like the setup there with the different options as regards self-catering, and the fact that it's so central to so much awesome bass fishing floats my boat big time. I have done plenty of hotels and B&Bs in Ireland, and no doubt will do so again someday, but on these kinds of trips it's self-catering which works the best for me.

And just like in Florida the other day, I can do nothing about the weather other than get myself over to Ireland and take what I get as regards the weather and conditions. I might or might not have a few sneaky packets of a specific soft plastic held back for me at Absolute Fishing in Tramore, and this particular soft lure in this particular colour may or may not be responsible for a few of the lads I know smashing some serious bass on them. What are these lures ? Give the Absolute lads a shout if you want to, but keep your mitts off my ones if they are not in stock !!

As per usual I will do my best to keep this blog updated with photos and fishing reports. As much as I want to fish for bass all the time, this is in fact a work trip for me and I need to get as many photographs of the fishing as I can. The fact that I love my work and can make a trip like this work for me and my business is something that I still pinch myself about on a regular basis, and even though I worked out a long time ago that I'm hardly going to end up flying around the world in private jets or buying flash new cars every year, I wouldn't change what I am lucky enough to do for the world. I get to go to Ireland a lot and I can't ask for much more than that, and when I get back I know that I will be enveloped by my wife and two girls and there ain't a better feeling on earth if you ask me.

There are two lure fishing festivals coming up, and while it's a shame that they are both on the same weekend in July, I know they'll be a blast. The Cornish Lure Festival and the Irish Bass Festival both run 5th, 6th, and 7th July, and both were won last year with double figure bass - which is fantastic however you look at it. Best of luck to both festivals and I hope they go really well. I'll be in Ireland for the bass festival and I hope to see some of you reprobates at the Grand Hotel in Tramore on the Sunday night prize giving where I am sure those lost fish will grow bigger and bigger the longer the evening goes on !!