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Off to Jersey tomorrow

It's always very cool to spend time on any of the Channel Islands, but Jersey was the first one I ever visited, and as such it is somewhere very special to me. I know full well that my heart will start pumping to the max as the plane comes in to land tomorrow morning - any angler who does not buzz at all that current and structure needs their head examined if you ask me. The whole place just feels "alive" on the fishing front, and I am lucky enough to have some good friends over there who seriously know their stuff. When the light gets good, it can be one awesome place to photograph..........

But much as Jersey is quite rightly well known for the quality of the their bass fishing from both shore and boat, the plans over the weekend are to major on smashing wrasse on soft plastics - something I really want to see done properly. I make no bones about it, this is a kind of fishing I am hugely keen to learn more and more about, for the expansion of what can be done with lure fishing is something of real importance - I believe so anyway Some of the Jersey lads have really been pushing the boundaries with this kind of lure fishing and I can't wait to get in amongst it - even if the weather forecast is looking like it's going to make life a little interesting. We shall see...........

If the weather remotely behaves, hopefully we will be doing some shore and boat fishing - these are the kinds of currents, structures and features I am on about. How can that kind of thing not cause a degree of over excitement ? Jersey here we come..................bring it on !!

I flew back from my meeting yesterday evening, and although I am not entirely sure what might or might not happen as a result of meeting the people I did, it was really interesting stuff. I am sorry to sound a bit evasive about it all, but I have to let this kind of thing take its natural course. It's an up and down kind of life when you do the kinds of things that I do, but I know no other way and I would not change it for the world. One of the best things about working in fishing are the people you get to meet and spend time with. Anyway, I need to clear a load more stuff before I fly across the Channel tomorrow morning, and if I get a spare minute over in Jersey I will update this blog with how it's all going.

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