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Off to Kerry on Monday for some more guiding

On Monday morning I will leave my house here in south east Cornwall and make the long trek over to Kerry in south west Ireland - as per last time I did this journey earlier this year (photos here), if all goes to plan I should get there around 11pm after a fair few hours on the road and ferry. Sure, driving for many hours on your own is hardly the most exciting thing in the world, but I always take the attitude that if you want to get somewhere, just get on with the travelling side of things and don't bother moaning - if you don't like it, don't do it.


I will be doing a couple of four day trips with John Quinlan, as in John of course is the guy who knows his local waters backwards, and together I suppose we are offering a kind of joint package where the (lucky?) clients get the two of us working with them - plus of course I will work on photographing the guys on their fishing trip so that they come away with some proper memories of such a special part of the world. Am I looking forward to getting back to Kerry? What do you think? The only possible downside for me heading over there is another couple of weeks away from my family, but work is work and we tend to get on with things and try to even stuff out over time.

I would imagine that if you asked any professional fishing guide anywhere on earth whether they can ever be the finished article, the answer would surely be no way, it's always a big learning curve the same as actually going fishing. As for me as a "guide", well of course I don't have loads of experience, but working with a pro like John of course helps me to simply be myself and I hope aid in some way with giving our clients the sort of experience they signed up for. Of course I choose to ignore a few petty-minded, jealous individuals who can't help but have a pop at what I am trying to do. Criticising from the comfort of a keyboard is far too easy to do these days, and I simply choose to get out there and do stuff that helps me keep working in fishing.

As per usual, I will do my best to keep you updated with how we are getting on over in Kerry. We will be doing long hours but I will find some time to get photos and thoughts up here from time to time. John and I also need to sit down and start working on dates for 2015 with regards to more of these John Quinlan and Henry Gilbey Kerry bass fishing trips - in due course we will make these dates available and I hope we might see some of you in south west Ireland sometime next year. What a country.


There was no blog post on Wednesday because I was 20 odd miles off the coast of Plymouth on a photo job for Sea Angler magazine. I haven't photographed Uk shark fishing for a while now, and it was great to catch up with one of the finest charter skippers around, Malcolm Jones of the boat Sea Angler II. The day was about some of the guys from Shakespeare UK putting their Ugly Stik boat rods through their paces, and of course there were smiles all round when (thoroughly nice bloke) Mike Thrussell hooked and then landed a blue shark that on the tape measure came in at around the 85lb mark. I love seeing blue sharks in the water and for me there's nothing better than getting what I need as quickly as possible and then seeing that magnificent creature swim away strongly after the release.

Anyway, you all have a good weekend. Next time you hear from me I will be on the majestic south west coast of my favourite country on earth, and whilst guiding is not about the guides fishing, like last time it will be all I can do not to jump into the clients' arms for sheer joy when they hook a bass (or pollack, wrasse, mullet, salmon, sea trout etc.).

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