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Off to London

Tomorrow morning I am taking the train from Plymouth to London, for an afternoon work meeting followed by what should be an awesome gig - The Unholy Alliance Tour at the Hammersmith Apollo. Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon and Amon Amarth on the same bill should be a proper assault on the ear drums.

Our bass fishing on Monday evening was not a great success, and I am not sure why. There were plenty of fish moving through, of which some were of course mullet, but there were some bass around. Bob managed one small fish on a live sandeel, and I got at least three hits that did not pick up, but the fish seemed somewhat hesitant. Perhaps the rain we had last weekend did have an effect on them, although the colour of the water looked pretty good to me. The guys went out last night and had a couple of fish further towards the mouth of the estuary, and a big bass spat the hook right at the side of the boat, so they are around. I bet it was freezing last night out on the sea !!

We had our first frost of the season where I live this morning, so I guess winter is well and truly on its way. What a stunning dawn it was, and really I should have been put fishing at first light. But work calls at the moment......

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