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Off to London to film Tight Lines

This morning I am heading up the M5/M4 to the Sky Sports studios to go and film a Tight Lines show that I believe will be aired at its usual time this Friday evening on one of the Sky Sports channels (and when I say "film", what I mean is that I am Keith's guest on the show). The powers that be are very kind to ask me along from time to time as they do and I always look forward to it - and as much as I completely and utterly detest watching me on the box, I am dying to see what they have done with the wrasse fishing footage from the Isles of Scilly the other day. Keith Arthur and the Tight Lines production team are some thoroughly decent people, and because most of my filming experience in the past has of course been out on location, it always fascinates me to be a part of a studio based show and see how it's done. Talk about a completely different process. You honestly would not believe the time, effort and numbers of people who go into productions like this............

I then am off to do this book launch/signing up in London on Thursday evening (see Monday's blog post) before hightailing it back home in time for my youngest daughter's school show on Friday morning. Always an epic hour or so of course !! When I think back to the amount of stuff my folks must have sat through and then told us how wonderful we were, when the reality I am sure was somewhat different !! Two days up around London is quite enough for me, and I am keeping a close eye on the weather that is set to come in and hoping that it might give a bit of a kick to the bass fishing around here. I know that in theory it's around the end of the season (if there is really such a thing), but here in south east Cornwall I reckon we have another few weeks at least when we have a fairly decent chance at some half-tidy bass on the lures - if we get the conditions. Is it going to blow up too much at the end of the week or is the forecast way off again ? We shall see, but I have a particular spot where I am interested to see what happens when and if it blows up hard from the south west.

Nothing to do with fishing, but have any of you here been watching the second series of Homeland ? Holy cow if this isn't some of the best television I have seen for a long time. For this second series my wife and I agreed to Sky+ the entire second series so we would not have to suffer those agonising waits between episodes, but the other day we weakened and gave in and watched what was saved over a few nights - which now puts us in the situation of having to wait each week for a new episode. Which quite frankly does my head in. If I watch TV I tend to watch sport or films, but from time to time there are these brilliant, mainly US-made series that really are outstanding - The Wire, The Sopranos, The Walking Dead etc. - but why oh why does a series like The Walking Dead then have a "mid-season break" ? Anyway, best hit the road.......

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