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Off to photograph tigerfish next week.......

  • Apart from a few jaunts over to Ireland and France etc., I have deliberately not really done any "big trips" since last year - but next week I am heading out to Tanzania to photograph tigerfish. My work can take me all over the place, but the chance to get back to Africa is always that bit extra special, and especially when I am going to be able to stick my lenses in front of these extraordinary fish........

  • I have photographed tigerfish a couple of times, and mainly on the Caprivi Strip in Zambia with the guys from FlyCastaway. From the first time I saw a tigerfish I was utterly blown away by these magnificent creatures, indeed a species like this could only exist in Africa if you ask me. I have never been to Tanzania, but it is fast becoming the number one place for chasing really big tigers - 20lb plus fish, and the trip next week is mainly about fly fishing for them. Bring it on as they say !! I am heading out with a mate to photograph with a bunch of South Africans from a company called Tourette Fishing, and where we are headed is apparently properly wild and out there. I love this kind of stuff.

  • As always, I am hoping for some really good light to help show the fishing off as well as possible. I will take what I get, but often you get this stunning soft light in Africa first thing in the morning, and hopefully the guys will oblige and smash a monster tiger just at the right time to allow the early sun to light up those mighty flanks on the fish. I have seen tigerfish landed to 12lbs, but I know they had a fish of 32lbs last year on the river we are heading to in Tanzania, with multiple tigers over the magical 20lb mark. Nowhere on earth feels like Africa. I can't explain it properly, but you either go there and "get it", or otherwise the sheer unpredictability and difference of it all goes and freaks you out. I love new places, and I know that sleeping pills will be required on the flight down to Dar Es Salaam (via Dubai) next Tuesday to get me some sleep. I tend to get pretty buzzed up on jaunts like this, and the fact that it's work still gives me the most almighty kick.

  • I then get back to the UK early on 17th September, in time for my eldest daughter's 6th birthday (where does time go these days ?). I do all I can not to miss my girls' birthdays, and the day after this one I head back to southern Ireland. Reports are still coming in of some awesome bass fishing, indeed Cian of Absolute Fishing in Tramore is convinced that this is the best season they have had for years. Will it still be firing when us guys get over there ? We shall see, but you most likely guess that I am already completely overexcited about this one. As I always am if we are honest. We anglers are mere children at heart. Tie me down, torture me, and tell me that I can only go back to one country for the rest of my life and I would choose Ireland every single time. I seriously need to do some proper fishing, for my opportunities to get out and about around here have been completely nonexistent recently. Moving house and work have conspired to keep me away from my fishing tackle, but if there is one advantage it's that I have not been recently tempted into purchasing shiny new bass lures. Rest assured though that a few bits and pieces might or might not be turning up in time for Ireland............

  • Sorry for the lack of photos by the way, but I am doing emails and internet from the library in Torpoint at the moment - while we have to wait for internet access to be set up in the new place. And the library computers will not allow me to upload photos. I would do it on my laptop via the WiFi here, but that is not working properly. Good eh ??!!