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Off to so some filming

It's been a while, but on Tuesday I am flying out to the Isles of Scilly to be a part of some filming for a couple of days and I have to say that I am really looking forward to it - will we get any weather that allows us to film what we want to ? Will the fish behave ? From my point of view, can I still do presenting stuff to the camera when I have not done so for a few years ? Whatever happens, just going to the Isles of Scilly is good enough for me, but this time it's with that bit more added pressure.........

I will explain. From to time the thoroughly nice people who make the weekly Tight Lines programme on Sky Sports ask me to come up to London and be a guest on the show with the host Keith Arthur. I really enjoy doing the show and I feel honoured that they ask me to come back. Personally I take my hat off to the whole team that they are commissioned to make an up to date and topical fishing programme I believe every single week of the year, and I really like how they give space to all kinds of fishing. The amount of work that goes into these shows is incredible. Keith is a really nice guy and he knows more about all kinds of fishing than you could imagine, seriously, he's got a fishing encyclopaedia inside his head. I suppose he is best known as a freshwater fisherman, but Keith has been going saltwater fishing down in the Florida Keys at least once every single year for I don't know how long. The show's producer and I have often talked about getting out filming for one of their short films they show each week, but for some reason or another we have not pulled it off - until now. Well we haven't filmed it yet, but it's in the diary.

The producer and I talked about what to film at this time of year and the obvious one was to have a crack at the wrasse on plastics. I was sorely tempted to take a big time gamble and ask them if they were prepared to have a go at the bass along the south coast of Ireland as there have been some serious fish caught recently off the shore, but I might save that one up for next year if indeed these nice people ever end up wanting to film with me again after this week !! There is of course some good wrasse fishing around me, but at the top of my list for wrassing destinations is always going to be the Isles of Scilly and fishing with my (hairy) friend Del in one of my favourite parts of the world. I had no idea whether the Tight Lines crew would be up for the Scillies, but I asked the question and got a positive response, so we threw around some dates/tides and then booked some flights and accommodation and off we go on Tuesday afternoon..............

Anyway, so that's the plan - make a short film about wrasse fishing with soft plastic lures, and if all goes well and both the fish and the weather behave we might also try and nail a short film on the pollack fishing off the shore over there. I am secretly hoping that Del manages to nail a really tidy wrasse on camera so that in some small way we can help highlight how special the islands are as an unspoilt fishing destination, and believe it or not this is definitely the time of year for it. Check out Del's recent 6lb plus wrasse right here in fact. I know these short films are not that long (is that a sigh of relief I can hear ?), but I am hoping that we manage to get across a mix of fun, how it's done and the excitement of it into the package - what we do or do not put across successfully I guess will be in some part down to me and how I present what is going on to the camera, but I like that sort of pressure and I will be really interested to see how they edit what we manage to achieve. It's really kind of the Tight Lines people to put their faith in me and I will of course do all I can to repay that by doing the best job I can for them. As for the fishing and the weather, well that is beyond our control, but at least I have got Del with me who knows his onions backwards over there. I accept completely and have not one shred of a problem with the fact that there are better "wrasse on plastics/HRF" anglers out there than me, indeed Del for starters is in that category, but I hope that my "skill" if you like is helping get the fishing across to the viewers of the show - and that "skill" of course is very much open to debate, but then that's the way it goes and I can but do what I believe to be right and continue along my way, hoping that in some way I can help make fishing look exciting, fun, accessible and perhaps even "wild" or "on the edge" - sorry, pathetic I know. I believe the filming we are doing will appear on Tight Lines show which goes out on Wednesday 12th December - which is when I am heading up to London to be Keith's guest. I'll let you know how the filming goes this week right here on the blog............

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