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Off to the Florida Keys

On Wednesday morning I am heading to lovely Heathrow airport to catch a flight to Miami and then head on down to Marathon in the Florida Keys to go and fish/photograph once more with Rodney from Fish the Dream - check out his blog here for some rather awesome recent fishing, and here's to hoping that some of these fish play ball for us !! I always get a kick out of heading over to the Keys. A part of me almost wants to shy away from the commercialisation of it all, but then on the other hand I can't help but admire such a location that always seems to be so well looked after and managed, with lots and lots of all kinds of fish for the incredible numbers of anglers who visit time and time again. If we had this kind of resource in the UK then I dread to think what would have happened to it. Hang on, we have, and look what we have done with our own seas. Nowhere is perfect, but at least when you head off to buy a fishing license on your first evening in the Keys you know that it is helping out with looking after such an incredibly diverse and fish-rich location.

If all goes to plan then I should be meeting up on Weds afternoon US time with Cian, Paul and Nick who are coming into Miami via Paris. From recent conversations it seems that these guys are a little overexcited to say the least at perhaps hooking up with an early morning tarpon or getting mangled by a monster goliath grouper in under 12' of water. I think that all manner of lure gear is coming along for the ride, but I have sneaking suspicion that float fishing crabs for tarpon and permit might just prove to be an irresistible draw. But it should be a blast to chuck lures at fish like barracuda, jacks, snapper etc. These guys are very much open-minded to trying whatever works best, so this week or so we have out there will I reckon be a complete blast. I always enjoy fishing and photographing down in Marathon with Rodney of Fish the Dream, so it will be good to catch up again.

I am taking some newish travel-style spinning rods with me to have a play around with and see what I think. I have spent far too long searching for decent spinning rods that will break down into multiple sections and easily fit into my main bag - as nice and easy as the fly guys that I often travel with, but go looking for any big fish types of high quality, multiple section travel rods and you will find that it is not easy to track them down. I had enough years ago of travelling with massive great rod tubes through airports and on trucks etc. Hopefully the ones I am taking will get a proper workout. I have read various reports already as to how well these travel rods work. More details to come in due course when they have been broken in on some fish. But hopefully not broken come to think of it......

Make sure to check out the brand new Rockfish Files online magazine - this is issue number 3 already, and it's all about bass fishing this time around. Check here for it. Hugely well done and also thanks to the guys at JBG over in Jersey for taking so much time and expending such effort in selflessly putting over so much of what they have learnt and continue to learn about lure fishing for all manner of different species. Make sure to really spend some time checking this new issue out - yes, it's about bass fishing, but perhaps not as really know bass fishing to be. Serious food for thought, and to this day I remain convinced that with some different thoughts and approaches that a lot of us could perhaps increase our own catches around where we fish. As long as I live I will never forget seeing Keith and Kevin White land 19 bass I think it was when I was over photographing in Jersey last year. All at night, all on soft lures. Anyway, best go and sort out some stuff for this Florida Keys trip. As much as time and tide allows out there I will keep this blog updated as regularly as possible........