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Off to the Game Fair

I am about to pack up my gear and head off to the CLA Game Fair up at Blenheim Palace this weekend - I always look forward to this event and I really like catching up with a whole bunch of different people.

If you are coming along, please come on down to the Fisherman's Village to see Nick Hart and I doing our demonstrations. This is the area around which I will be based for most of the three days, so come and say hi if you see me looking lost. The times for our demonstrations are as follows :

Friday - 12.15

Saturday - 13.00

Sunday - 10.45

If internet connections allow me to, I will try to keep the blog updated over the weekend, but otherwise I am looking forward to spending a proper week at home next week, and perhaps heading out for a bit of bass fishing along my local south Devon coastline. I actually sneaked out for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, all keyed up with a stack load of confidence from Ireland and Wales - and of course I came down to earth with a bump and got skunked big time. Just when you think you are getting one over on the fish, what do they go and do ? Teach you a proper lesson............

But before I go, make sure to check out my friend Graham Hill's other talent besides smashing silly numbers of bass - what a voice !! I shall say no more, simply click here and gasp in amazement at such a vast, hidden talent only now coming in for some overdue recognition (sorry mate !!). Run for cover.....................

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