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Off to the new Hooked Live show in Dublin

A while ago I was asked to come along to a brand new fishing show that they are launching in Ireland, and it's this weekend. This morning I am flying over to Dublin from Exeter to do some stuff at the brand new Hooked Live show, and I can't wait - any excuse to visit my favourite country on earth, and it's always very cool to be able to talk fishing non-stop for a couple of days. Plus of course England are playing Ireland in the Six Nations Rugby at 4.00pm on Saturday !!!!! Now that should be interesting.........

The Hooked Live show runs on Saturday and Sunday, so come along if you are anywhere near Dublin - I will be lurking around and about for the two days (apart from when the rugby's on) doing some demonstrations and talks, so please attend some of these to make sure I have at least a couple of audience members !! I always have this worry that I will end up talking to myself. Kind of like I do anyway from time to time. There is a timetable here of the various talks and demonstrations.

Arguably the finest magazine on this earth runs an outstanding website (see here) that is just outstanding to spend some time looking through - anybody with any interest in our world and some of the best photography out there should be reading National Geographic every month. I came across a part of the National Geographic website recently called "The Daily Dozen", where people submit a photograph and then a photo editor at the magazine picks out twelve images and puts them up on the NG website - no payment or anything, but very cool to have anything at all to do with this publication and their website.

So I submitted a crashing wave/bass fishing shot from last weekend for a bit of fun, just to see if anything happened. And somehow it has been picked as you can see above (check this link here, look at February Week 4 in the little drop down menu and then scroll along to little old me) .........now that just about makes my week. It says that the odd shot from this "Daily Dozen" ends up being published in the actual magazine. Now I don't for one second ever expect to come close to having a photo published in there, but if you don't at least try then you will never know.

I hope to see some of you at the Hooked Live show over the weekend. Roll on the rugby. One thing is for sure - the game has to be more exciting than the drivel that was England v Italy a couple of weeks ago. OK, so we won, but if we play like that they the Irish are going to do us properly. Best go get my plane......

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