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"Oh, not bad, Ger had a nice fish around the 10lb mark"

Imagine if you could programme in where you need to get to, close your eyes, feel some weird sort of outer-body experience and then you're there. To get to Ireland the way I do is essentially a day's travel - sure, I could fly, but I would then be very restricted on what I can bring here and on these sorts of trips I do like to take a load of gear and not worry about weight restrictions etc. I also like ferries and I certainly don't mind being in my car and listening to Test Match Special rather than being cooped up in some sardine can, but holy cow did it rain on my drive through Wales yesterday.

But I'll tell you what breaks me, and that's knowing that a few mates are heading out bass fishing while I am on the road. I am not aware of a time machine that would get me here in the blink of an eye, but when you can visualise where they are going and the kinds of conditions they might get it makes me even more excited than I am already about coming over to Ireland. So I know what they are doing and where they are going. I get on the ferry, pass the time, and then at about 6.15pm I drive off and make a call to Cian to see how they've been getting on.

"Oh, not bad, Ger had a nice fish around the 10lb mark, I dropped a couple, and Nick's just been done by a frigging monster. See you in Dungarvan a bit later". What the f%$$£u"**&??c???!!!!!!! There I am, a grown man doing my best not to come off the road at the report, trying as hard as I can not to break any known speed limits in my haste to get to our base at the Gold Coast down in Dungarvan and hear the full report. Ireland eh ?

I saw the photos of Ger's fish on Cian's phone and it looked easily 10lb plus to me. He saw the fish take his weightless-rigged senko almost off the end of his rod tip, but Ger also told me about a somewhat larger bass that wasn't quick enough in taking the lure so the "smaller" fish was the one that grabbed it. They then moved locations and Nick Roberts hooked a donkey of a bass on that MegaBass DOT Crawler soft plastic, again rigged weedless/weightless (albeit the lure weighs around 28g on its own) and wound in very, very slowly. Sadly the bass simply came off after thrashing around like crazy on the surface, but Ger put it at easily 12lb plus............

So yes, getting to sleep last night was not very easy !! The film crew arrive this afternoon and of course we're heading out for a bit of vital "research" before they get here. We know where some very big bass are, but where Ger had his double yesterday evening is a spot that we will not be filming. It's slightly strange to start feeling that familiar "filming" kind of feeling building up, but I can't wait to get going and see what we can do. More to come.