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OK, own up - who's stolen our summer ?

Not that we Brits are obsessed with the weather or anything, but what on earth is going on at the moment ? I thought late spring and early summer started off pretty good, indeed I have been to the beach with my family more this year than I reckon the whole of 2008 and 2007 put together - so what has happened recently ? I go away to Iceland for a week's work and leave behind the first proper heatwave of the year. I get back and it's been pretty pants ever since !! I thought the weather forecasters had said that we were in for a better than average summer ? Or does the word "average" now mean something else ?

I drove back from the Game Fair yesterday through some of the heaviest rain I have seen for a while, indeed the motorways were horrible. We seem to be getting either prolonged spells of heavy rain or else we get stunning sunshine mixed with really big showers - kind of typical I know, but surely we are due a patch of calm weather , proper heat, and big blue skies? And if so, please give it to us when I am in Ireland all next week !! Could really do with losing the strong winds............

I don't know how many of you regularly follow other blogs, but you need to be aware of a very cool and simple website called "Alltop" - this ingenious site lists masses and masses of blogs in a very clever and easy way, and my own blog is now up on their fishing page right here. Essentially it takes the RSS feeds from various blogs and lists them as brief headlines - click on these headlines and you are taken straight through to the blog. No advertising, no rubbish, very easy. Seems about the most logical way possible of keeping track of the blogs and websites you are interested in.

But perhaps the cleverest thing about Alltop is that you can very easily create what is called a "My Alltop Page" - sign in and then search around for the blogs you want to keep up with (this one obviously !!). When you have logged in, all you have to do to create a personalised "keep up with the blogs I want to" page is to click on the little plus signs you see next to the blog title on the various Alltop pages. Believe me, it is much easier than how I am describing it, and I set up my own page in a minute or so. There is a very logical tutorial on how to do it here.

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