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OK, so I love my lures

I grant you that plastic lure boxes are hardly the most exciting things in the world, but these Sakura SK9145 and SK9165 ones have really, really grown on me. My lures get stored in all manner of different boxes here at home (only got a few ??!!), but when I go out fishing then I am always turning to these two different sized Sakura boxes. First off I like the way they keep the lures and associated trebles nicely separated. I did buy a couple of boxes though that are along similar lines when I went to Belle Ile a while back - but those particular boxes were missing what I believe is one of the best things about these Sakura ones............and at the time I never realised. If I had, I would not have bought them.

I do love my lures. Kind of. OK, I love them a lot. I always like to wash them down in freshwater after fishing. Always have done, most likely always will. Does one need to ? Not sure, but it's just one of those things that I do. My gear gets a hammering when it's out and about, but I do all I can to look after it afterwards. Or does that sound a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted ?

These Sakura lure boxes have loads of drainage holes - I have talked about this before, but the more I use them, the more I like the simplicity of coming home, burying the box(es) in a sink of freshwater, swilling them around, and then simply leaving them on the draining board to dry out. Really simple. The clips that secure the lids on these boxes don't seem to fall off either. Or at least mine haven't yet. It's often the simple things that are overlooked, but I am completely sold on these Sakura lure boxes. Check them out here - not cheap when compared to a basic plastic box, but they are the kind of things I see as "buying right". Those little bits of gear that just make perfect sense when you have used them for a while. And they make my lures look nice !! Not that I have a problem or anything like that.........

Photography is so much about the quality of the light - I am constantly torn between wanting awesome light for my photography and then also wanting the ideal conditions for the fishing. Usually they are not one and the same. Not that I am demanding !! We had some of the best light I could have hoped for last week over in Ireland, indeed sometimes I was utterly convinced that my most favourite country on earth was showing off to us. I am a complete sucker for putting the natural lines of an angler against outstanding skies and letting the light do the talking. Big skies do it for me. I love it where the land meets the sea.

Anyway, it's a huge weekend coming up - bring on the Ryder Cup. I love it. Looks like the weather is going to play a big part up in Wales, and especially on Friday and Sunday the forecast is saying at the moment. Seems to be the first set of autumnal gales coming in along the south coast especially, but we shall see.......

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