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OK, to follow on from general lure colours......red bellies ?

Thanks so much to all of you who left such insightful and helpful comments on my blog post about lure colours from the other day. Of course the actual subject is never going to be a precise science, at least not that I can see anyway, but it does seem that there are some definite patterns to how some of us catch our bass in various conditions. My sincere thanks, and in due course I will distil your comments into this article for Sea Angler magazine.

Anyway, following on from that, and me asking for your thoughts on this post is not to do with an article, rather it's just me being genuinely interested to hear if anybody else out there has found that lures with a red belly can sometimes have a distinct advantage over rock marks especially - and I mean places where you are fishing over solid rocks and weed, not from say sand onto rock. Have any of you noticed that fishing a fairly "regular" colour hard lure with a distinct red belly on it has produced more fish for you ? Or is this red belly stuff a very localised Irish thing ? Look at that IMA Komomo II 90 above in the jaws of the bass, and no, before anybody asks or even thinks it, this shot was not set up. My mate Andy for a joke picked up the lure, said "watch this, I'll get a bass within three casts on it", and he did. Over a mark that is all rock and weed. Look at that red belly on the lure.

Ger Carey is what he is - a hugely talented angler based in southern Ireland who happens to catch almost a ridiculous number of bass each year. Honestly, I have done an interview with him for Sea Angler magazine and I am a little worried that some readers might not actually believe the numbers of bass and especially 10lb plus fish he tends to catch each year. So when Ger started to tell us about this "thing" he has got for lures with red bellies, of course my ears pricked up big time. How stupid would I be if I could not stop and actually listen to an angler like this ? I lost the biggest bass I have ever hooked on a lure with a red belly (the IMA/DUO Nabarone 125F, NB009 colour), and I was using it because of what Ger had said so often works for him on that specific mark. Actually listening is very different to rolling your eyes and saying yes a few times !! And of course I did make sure to buy a Tackle House Feed Shallow with a red belly from the lads at Absolute Fishing when I was over in Ireland the other day. I did not actually use it on the trip because I wanted to photograph it "clean" under lights back here at home, but now that's done all I have to do is change those garbage hooks for some barbless Owner trebles and get it out fishing (check out the lure below).

Now that Ger has explained to me why he likes lures with a red belly so much I can see where he is coming from, but what about you ? This is a quote from Ger in my article : "Catch a small pollack, hold it upside down in the light and look closely at the belly and you will see a tinge of pink and/or red. Really examine them and you will see it. One of the staple diets of bass on rough ground is pollack and they are their all year, whereas mackerel and sandeels are not." Makes perfect sense does it not ? From what I saw and spoke about with Ger, he only favours lures with a red belly on marks that are all rock and weed - places that pollack like of course. Check out the Maria Chase BW below - my obsession with the holo silver version of this lure essentially closed my eyes to the fact that this one exists with a red belly on it. Anybody got some bigger lure boxes for me to fit all my "go to" lures in ? Help me please. Guess who has been searching around for their favourite lures in a red belly colour ? Honestly, I need help.........................