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On the ferry to Ireland

We have just left Fishguard on the Stena Line ferry over to Rosslare - due to arrive over in Ireland about 6pm tonight, and then I will get myself to the hotel and meet Graham to make a plan for tomorrow. I am just a little bit excited to be heading back over !!

It was an awesome gig last night at the ULU in London - Satyricon were immense, as I thought they might be, and the sound was generally outstanding. I have wanted to see these guys for ages now, and it was a blast. Norwegian black metal pouring off the stage in a wave of technical brilliance is as good as a gig is going to get, and they played a really strong selection of tracks. I am a bit gutted to be missing a gig on 1st December up in London - Cradle of Filth, Gorgoroth and Septic Flesh all on the same bill. I bet that is going to be immense !!

I had a good couple of meetings up in London yesterday, so we shall see what comes of them. I learnt a lot about various ways to take some of my work related ideas forward to the next level, and I met some good people into the bargain. I now have to go away and develop a few ideas further......

I got a text message from Graham yesterday to say that it has been fishing well, and that the weather forecast was looking pretty good for what we want to try and do. I had to try and keep my work face on all day, while inside I was in a complete state of over excitement about going fishing and photographing in Ireland. I just about managed to keep my sensible head on through my meetings, but now I am in full fishing work mode, itching to get to Rosslare. Reports and photos to come in due course.

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