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One immensely proud older brother......

This Monday morning blog post is nothing to do with fishing, but I heard over the weekend that my two younger brothers' latest feature film "A Lonely Place to Die" has just won Best Film and Best Director at the US based 2011 ActionFest film festival. How cool is that (check here) ? To say that it makes me proud would be a huge understatement. I have an idea of the amount of work and personal sacrifice that goes into making these kinds of projects, and the two of them deserve every single positive thing that comes their way in the notoriously difficult and tricky film industry. They are both completely passionate about what they do.

I did get to see a fairly early version of the film, but I can't wait to see it as it is now with the full effects, sound, grading etc. Have a look here at some of the scenes that have been cut into a kind of trailer. This is what my two brothers do, but sometimes I still have to almost pinch myself that it's them making stuff as awesome looking as this. They are both hugely talented, but from what I see it's one hell of a tough ride trying to make it in the film industry, and I so hope that this film gets them another dose of recognition that then can lead to a smoother and easier passage to making more films. Winning this ActionFest film festival over in the US has to help. My brother Julian directed this film, but him and William deserve equal credit for what they have done. I am so looking forward to seeing "A Lonely Place to Die" on the big screen........

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