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One of my finds of the year, but how on earth does it work so well ?

I look at the stuff and to be perfectly honest it just looks like some tight clothing, but for some reason unbeknown to me these Under Armour ColdGear products work incredibly well. If you follow my blog you will have read a while back about how well I thought that their HeatGear stuff has been doing for me under my waders when the weather is normal to warm (see here). But as much as we have not had a proper cold snap yet, the weather is hardly warm like summer, and last week in Ireland I virtually lived in this Under Armour ColdGear stuff (for when it's colder, and yes, I do get confused between the two types). The weather may have made the fishing extremely tough, but all that weather we got certainly helped me test some gear out and see what it could do for me and my fishing.

Like me I am sure, you are probably wondering why on earth Under Armour have not gone and picked me up to help model these tight fitting baselayers. I mean come on, look at the picture above - that could be me with that six-pack !! The fact that my wife giggles instead of swoons when I put the gear on perhaps is testament to my lack of baselayer modelling contracts though. OK, so let's gloss over that and concentrate instead on how well this gear works for fishing. I know very little about the technicalities of these baselayers, but they just work staggeringly well. If you are standing about essentially motionless for long periods or might be wading in cold water then you should look at a pair of fleece trousers or something like that over the top of them, but if like me you are moving around a fair bit then somehow this ColdGear stuff just does its stuff. If I had to describe it I would say it's high-tech thermal underwear that works the best when you are relatively active.

As with the HeatGear stuff in the warmer weather, under my waders at this time of year I now simply wear a pair of the Under Armour ColdGear leggings. That is it, and so far it has done me proud. Extremely comfortable to move around in, and somehow they seem to regulate your temperature and keep you warm when required, but without remotely overheating on say a long walk or scramble. OK, so I might look like a bit of a spanner in a pair of tights, but who cares ? (Pat, please thank your daughter for her kind comments !!) If I am going to be wading for longish periods in relatively cold water like I did a few times last week then I put a pair of fleece trousers on as well. When I think back to the amount of gear I used to have to wear to stay warm......

At this time of year I would then put on the Under Armour ColdGear Longsleeve Mock top as my baselayer, and then layer up over that as required. I can see myself wearing these ColdGear baselayers more and more throughout the year because they somehow keep me warm but don't overheat you. Anybody have an idea about how this stuff actually works ? How on earth does it wick sweat away from your body so efficiently ? There are I am sure other baselayers out there that will do the job, but my best experiences with them come from taking a punt a while back and buying some Under Armour gear to see how it might do for me. So far I am just blown away by how well this stuff works for me. Another case of a product outside of the fishing world that can and does work really well for us.

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