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One of the most moving and heartbreaking but also uplifting videos I have ever seen

Nothing at all to do with fishing, but I would guess that a lot of you here either have or have had dogs, and if you are remotely into how some animals can become such an important part of some people’s lives, then I am pretty sure that this short film below is going to have an effect on you. Hell, even if you aren’t dogs, have a look at it just for the good of your soul. Get through this stunning short film without choking up and you’re made of sterner stuff than me!! I came across this video last week after reading this heartbreaking story here about a US adventure photographer, his dog Denali, and their travails with cancer. I then watched the video, or rather I just about got through it without dissolving completely……

Man’s best friend? Our relationships with dogs has always fascinated me. As a family we don’t really function as such without a dog, and if that makes no sense at all then you are not a dog person - which is just fine of course, I don’t remotely mean to say that dog owners are any better than non-dog owners, rather that it’s quite something how these animals become such integral parts of our lives. Maybe it’s just me, but this short film really got to me, and I thought it was such a sad but also uplifting story done in such a selfless and unique way - hence me putting it up here. I showed it to my two girls before they went to school on Friday morning, hoping it would inspire more than upset them, but when my wife then took them off to school in floods of tears, well let’s just say that I got that the timing of that one a bit wrong!!

I am off to France tonight to spend a couple of days with Fiiish - meetings, prototypes etc. Some of the stuff that their designer is working on is quite frankly awesome. I can’t help but admire people who can do stuff like this, and as much as there are in theory quite enough lures out there to catch more fish than actually swim in our seas, if you stop and really think about things, there are plenty of “gaps” as such for original design. I don’t remotely profess to being any kind of designer, rather I find it fascinating to get to work with people like Fiiish and what they are doing within sport fishing. Prototypes obviously remain secret for good reason, but I can’t wait to see them!! If conditions and time allow, there is a very slight chance we could end up seeing if we can do a bit of sight fishing to bass in the Brittany area. Vive la France and a proper croissant in Roscoff on Thursday morning……….

I have put a load of photos up from my recent trip over to Cape Cod chasing the striped bass on a Fiiish lure testing venture. Enjoy!!