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One session you can do almost no wrong, then next time out and you can’t even buy a touch - does anything level one like fishing can?

Earlier in the week I had a good night session on the bass when for whatever reason the fish seemed to want to hit my lure and as per my blog post from Monday I came away pretty happy for a number of reasons. You’re scanning through the tide table to make some loose plans based on weather conditions and the fact that it’s getting properly dark so late now. You make the call and then it goes and works and you’re feeling good, but I’ve been fishing and also working within this fine world for far too long now though to ever feel remotely smug, and mainly because I know full well that fishing likes to give us a kicking from time to time to remind us who the boss really is……….


So we head out last night to work around the 3am high tide. It’s about as flat calm and crystal clear as it will ever get around here, but the waxing moon is for the most part hidden behind some leaden skies. The tides are just starting to build again and we’ve come up with a pretty damn good plan. Things are feeling good.

And we fell flat on our faces! It’s being able to often catch bass at night when it’s calm that has changed bass fishing for so many of us I’m sure - but can it get too calm and lifeless and clear even for night fishing to work well? Whatever the case, I never even had a hint of a touch last night. I go from earlier in the week when things went so right to our short session last night and coming away with the feeling that for all that I hope I know and how frustrating it is when you don’t even get a sniff, fishing has decided that it was time to teach me a lesson and level me out with how little I do in fact know about what these creatures we chase are actually doing and how they are behaving. It’s for these reasons that I have always tended to steer clear of those anglers who present themselves as essentially knowing it all!

Try as I might, not getting a touch in the early hours of this morning surely proves that yet again we are often clutching at straws when it comes to the natural world. I’ve got nice rods and reels and lures and other bits and pieces, but we all know that fishing is essentially about where and when - and last night I got it wrong. Or were the fish there and I wasn’t using the right lure fished in the right way? And so on - questions, questions! I crawled into bed at whatever time it was yet my brain is bouncing away with what or where I could have done or gone differently. It’s fishing and it’s going to level me from time to time and how could I ever have a problem with that? You all have a good weekend and may you have more productive sessions than I had last night!