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Our 2015 Ireland guiding brochure is now available

Our new brochure may well be called "Fishing with Henry", but if you read this blog then you will know that this guiding work I am starting to get into over in Kerry is a collaboration between John Quinlan of Thatch Cottage Ireland and myself. The opportunity to work with John in Ireland and help people with their fishing is such a huge thrill for me, but the world being as it is, we have to market to potential customers of course!! We have put together a simple online brochure that helps highlight what John and I are doing together, and if you would like a look at it, please just check here.

And if the brochure does nothing else for us, it's at least a way for you to have a bit of a glimpse at Kerry and how John and I are trying to put across what we do. The world of "professional" bass and fishing guiding is an increasingly interesting one these days in the UK and Ireland, but you can't argue with a thoroughly decent person who has been doing it for over twelve years now. Loads of repeat business speaks volumes does it not? John and Lynn's Thatch Cottage Ireland setup is just awesome, and yes, I have to pinch myself that we are actually selling guiding trips together which then means I get to spend even more time over in Ireland.

Obviously I hope that you read the brochure and think wow, I've got to drop some cash and hotfoot my way over to Kerry to spend a few days with us. In reality though I accept completely that a lot of anglers don't want to or indeed can't spend money on guided fishing trips. All I can do is to tell you how I see these trips that John and are doing together. I passionately believe that the two of us together are offering a product as such that no other setup can, and I can't wait to get going in April. There's a lot of laughter and a huge amount of fun on these trips, and as much as catching fish and learning more about fishing are some vital components, I suppose that I myself want visitors to be able to leave us with that awesome feeling in their hearts that only fishing in Ireland can give.

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