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Our 2016 Ireland guided lure fishing dates - please come along if you can

I wanted to wait until all my cancer related rubbish was done and out of the way before publishing these guided Ireland trips that John Quinlan and I run together down at their awesome Thatch Cottage setup in Kerry, that perfectly stunning corner of my favourite country in the world. I’ve worked with John on these trips for two years now, and without doubt they have become the favourite single thing I do within this whole working in fishing life I lead. The fishing is of course the most important aspect to these trips, but to be honest my abiding memories of the days I spend working with John and our clients is just how much fun we have. We fish hard with our clients, Thatch Cottage is just fantastic, Kerry is sublime, but it’s the laughter that really shines through. And yes, I am pretty sure that John is jealous of the tights that I wear under my waders. He just won’t admit to it.


Bear in mind that John guides from the middle of March until November, but the first trip we are running together this year is timed to take advantage of a good set of bass tides in spring. We work on four anglers per trip - five nights accommodation with all food included (and it’s outstanding), and then four long days fishing. If you don’t like getting up early then perhaps these trips are not for you, but then again you could always have a little lie in and neither John nor I would ever dream of mentioning it ever again! The dates for this spring trip are:

  • Arrive Tuesday 3rd May
  • Fish the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th May
  • Depart Sunday 8th May

We are then running two trips in August, to coincide with good tides and a time of year when not only can you of course fish for bass until you drop, but all the other fishing is firing as well. Kerry is beset with the most ridiculous number of rock marks where you can smash pollack on lure gear, surrounded by the most outrageous scenery, and as ever, with no other anglers around. Sure, bass may be the king of our saltwater fish, but they don’t hold a candle to that initial crash dive from an angry 8lb pollack hooked on the exact same rod you would use for your bass fishing. If John’s local river is in the right shape then there is also a serious chance at some salmon fishing on both fly and lure gear if our clients want a crack at it. The dates for these two August trips are as follows:

  • Arrive Sunday 14th August
  • Fish the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th August
  • Depart Friday 19th August
  • Arrive Friday 19th August
  • Fish the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd August
  • Depart Wednesday 24th August

And then we have our last trip of the year together in October. I can’t wait for this one. We were beset with abnormally calm weather last year, but if things are more like normal then this is when the surf especially can really fire for the bass. It’s amazing to see bass hitting lures right in amongst the breakers on a vast, deserted beach. The dates for this trip are:

  • Arrive Wednesday 12th October
  • Fish the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th October
  • Depart Monday 17th October

Please get in touch with me right here, and I will do all I can to help. Our prices are very good and there are various ways of getting to Kerry, including ferries and planes. I will endeavour to put clients in touch with each other to see if travel can be shared. You all have a good weekend, hope to see some of you tomorrow and Sunday at the Ireland Angling Expo show, and I also hope to met some of you in Kerry later on this year on one of these rather special guided trips. Remember, compression gear that’s a couple of sizes too small doesn’t make you look more buff.

Thatch Cottage, situated right in the middle of a little piece of heaven

Thatch Cottage, situated right in the middle of a little piece of heaven