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Our co-guided lure fishing trips in Ireland have already sold out, so we’re planning another trip in November - interested?

If you read my blog then you will know that along with my many lure fishing tackle issues, I have fallen head over heels for this co-guiding work I do with John Quinlan over in Kerry, Ireland. Sure, I know it’s work, but I bloody love it, and I was mighty pleased and even a little proud at how quickly our 2017 dates sold out. The October dates went almost straight away with repeat bookings, which I hope means that John and I are doing something right by working together like this, and the July dates finished filling up a few weeks ago.

A short bass fishing film shot in Kerry, SW Ireland, from our co-guided lure fishing trips in October 2016. 

And the result of this is that John and I have been speaking like the business minded grownups that we both are (?), and we want to go ahead with a plan we hatched late last year - which was to offer another co-guided four day trip later this year in November. If this seems late in the year to you to go bass fishing with lures, then please believe me when I say that it can actually offer some of the best bass fishing of the year down in that magical corner of the world that is Kerry. Sure, the weather can do anything - but then it can and indeed does at any time of the year anyway - but once again I come back to why that part of the world is so damn perfect for a fishing trip…………

There’s always somewhere to go fishing, whatever the weather does or doesn’t do, indeed I was speaking to John (remember, we have very grownup conversations!) yesterday morning and he could not recall losing a single day of guided fishing to weather in 2016. They also had some great bass fishing in November last year, indeed he reckons they’d have carried on catching bass on lures if they had been taking clients in December. Hence me feeling perfectly confident in putting the idea of this November co-guided trip out there and seeing if people are interested. Go on, give me another perfectly good excuse to get myself over to Ireland this year! If the fishing fires like it can that time of year it could be great, and if the fishing isn’t quite on fire we will find some fish and have an absolute blast. These are the dates we are proposing for this trip:

  • Tuesday 14th November - arrive at Thatch Cottage
  • Weds 15th, Thurs 16th, Fri 17th, Sat 18th - four days of guided fishing
  • Sunday 19th November - depart Thatch Cottage

If you interested in coming along on this trip, then please contact me via the Guiding page on my website. Where is it? At the top of this page, and thank you for getting in touch.

Some tense moments in the opening Six Nations weekend, crumbs, but I do believe that winning when you’re playing that badly has to be good in the long-term for England - or is that just wishful thinking as we head for Cardiff tomorrow? My wife and I are heading over to the Isles of Scilly tomorrow with our two girls plus Storm for my mate Del’s wedding next week - and yes, the wrassing gear is coming with me - so I am not sure if I will be able to do much on the blog. I am incredibly honoured to be Del’s best man and I will be making a speech which of course will make no mention of him being without doubt the hairiest creature I have ever shared a room with. We all love him to bits and he’s marrying a cracker. Aren’t these girls lucky to have us blokes eh?! Many thanks and have a good weekend.