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Our latest and I think strongest so far fishing safety related video from our work with the RNLI

Never has this fishing safety related work we are doing with the RNLI felt more relevant, and if you are wondering why then I would ask you to read my previous blog post. I’m not going to bang on today because I’d rather let this new video do the talking - I put it up on Facebook last night and it’s gone a bit bananas with anglers viewing it and sharing it around, but my hope as ever is that anglers watch this new video and actually buy and wear at the very minimum an auto-inflate lifejacket. And of course it’s a profound thanks from me to all the people involved in putting this new video together. Please watch right to the end and you will understand why I am asking this.

You all have a good weekend - currently breaking my head here with the current weather conditions because there are bass around and I can’t get at them. My youngest girl turns 12 tomorrow and then at 3pm is the reason why I am currently feeling sick with excitement and nerves - England v New Zealand, holy frigging cow. Could we do it?