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Our trains - what a rip off !!

OK, so this is nothing to do with fishing, photography, weather or even music, but I need to go on a rant................yesterday I had to go to a meeting in London, up and down from Plymouth in a day, and really the only logical way for me to do this is on the train. I had to do this a fair bit last year to go and see the people putting my book together (click here for details of it) and it was always a rip off in my view. I need to leave Plymouth really early to make it work, and we get nailed for peak fares. I parked up yesterday at Plymouth station to catch the 6am train to London Paddington, and went to buy a ticket. I bet you can't guess what this cost ? The guy behind the counter even had the gall to smile as he quoted me the princely sum of £235.00 for the privilege. How much ? Now don't get me wrong, everybody has a right to try and make a profit, but how on earth can these insane prices be encouraging people to travel on the trains, and not in their cars.

The people I was going to meet have to pick up the fare for me, but still, it's a complete rip off. If I was paying it myself I would drive because it's far cheaper for me to do so (indeed I do drive up sometimes). How can that be ? And to top it all off, the train was 30mins late getting into Paddington, and then 50mins late on the way home..............the only benefit I can see is that I can work on my laptop there and back.

And as for fishing, I spoke to a friend of mine earlier today about bass plugging/spinning rods, because in truth I am struggling to find one that really does what I want it to. He is kindly sending me a spinning rod that he has been developing for a while now, so whilst it is hardly bass plugging season right now, when I receive it I will go out and "fish" with it and report back. From his description it sounds like an awesome rod...............I will update you in due course. Could this be the rod I am after ?

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