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Out photographing a load of fly fishing

I am going to be about and about for most of the week photographing different kinds of fly fishing - river, lake, chalkstreams etc., and I can't wait. See me casting a fly rod and you will want to duck down fast, it ain't a very pretty sight, but I do love being around it. Awesome kind of fishing, and one that lends itself so well to being photographed.

I am going to be working with my mate Nick Hart, one of the easiest and most talented guys to work with and around that somebody like me could possibly hope for. Nick and I have done a serious amount of work together in the past, but we have not actually been out and about around the westcountry for a while now, so it will be a blast. Looking like a half-tidy forecast as well, which should bode well for both Nick's fishing and my photography.

As and when I can I will try to get some stuff up on here, but it's going to be a hectic few days and we need to take advantage of the long daylight hours we are now getting. Hell, we might even get a bit of summer back if we cross our fingers and speak nicely to the sky...........!!

Anyway, I had better get on with getting all my camera gear together. I so look forward to jobs like these when going to work feels nothing like actually going to work if that makes sense. Got so many different angles and shots rolling around my skull. Some will work, some will look terrible, but you never know until you try. And if England can beat Australia in the final of the World Twenty20, then that would be just a great start..........