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Outfriggingstanding! My overall favourite brand of fishing lines is back in the UK………

It popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday morning - Sufix UK. I knew that Shimano UK had dropped their distribution of Sufix, indeed I could never work out why they got involved with a line brand anyway, not when they do PowerPro and also a whole bunch of their own lines already , and with how much I love Sufix fishing lines I was immediately interested that there was a Facebook page called Sufix UK. I sent the page a message and in the afternoon a bloke kindly called me back and we had a bit of a yap…………..

So you know, and to get any whiff of our English cynicism out of the way - I am nothing to do with Sufix UK, I have never met the people now involved with their UK distribution, and the only way I could remotely be financially involved here is if the places that I now do affiliate links with decide to buy Sufix lines in and then I link to them. As per usual now, if any link to Sufix lines appear in the future that revolve around affiliate links, there will be a disclaimer at the bottom of the blog post to let you all know.

Anyway, that stuff aside, I first came across Sufix lines on my first or second trip out to Namibia many moons ago now - many of the locals were using this bright yellow mono mainline and landing massive sharks and all manner of bigger fish from the beaches than we are ever going to tangle with over here. It stuck with me how good the line was, and also how it seemed to cut through the waves a bit better than the also very good Ultima Red Ice that I used to use so much for my bait fishing.

As outstanding as the numerous Sufix monofilament mainlines and leaders that I have used over the years are though, my principal interest now is in braids and fluorocarbon leaders, and of course we are seeing more and more good braids here in the UK and Ireland these days, plus thankfully, at increasingly sensible prices - with Daiwa J-Braid, Sufix Performance Pro 8 and SpiderWire Stealth Smooth 8 braid being the three “budget” 8-strand braids that I have extensively used now, and can’t find a single thing about any of them that I don’t like. I’ve said it on this blog a few times before - I have no issues with spending what it takes to get good lure fishing tackle, but what I need to spend now to get an outstanding 8-strand braid has changed forever thanks to those three mainlines.

Sufix 832 braid

Sufix 832 braid

Not that it means much, but if you tied me down and allowed me to use only one brand of fishing lines for ever more, then for me it would be Sufix. If we are talking about monos, braids and fluorocarbon which all had to come from the same manufacturer, well for me it’s a complete no brainer. Sure, I love plenty of the Japanese braids, and of the fluorocarbon leaders which you can actually buy here in the UK then I find it hard to look beyond the consistently excellent YGK Nitlon DFC fluorocarbon - but one brand for all lines?

Well that Sufix Performance Pro 8 is as thin and smooth and silky as any Japanese 8-strand braid I have fished with, their tougher and slightly rougher feeling Sufix 832 braid to me is perfect for lure fishing if you are after a mainline that’s a bit more robust perhaps (but then I’ve never had any issues with the silkier feeling Performance Pro 8), and whilst I have never seen it for sale here in the UK, the Sufix Invisiline is one hell of a good fluorocarbon leader that like the YGK Nitlon DFC just doesn’t let me down. And as for monofilaments? Easy. Check out the Sufix catalogue here - there are loads! Plenty of mono leaders as well, and I find it hard to look beyond the truly outstanding Sufix Zippy. I also love those spools that a leader like Zippy come on - so damn easy to use, and they don’t require a frigging diploma to work out how to get line off and then secure the end so it doesn’t all fly off!

Sufix Performance Pro 8 braid

Sufix Performance Pro 8 braid

Anyway, I had a good yap yesterday with a guy from Normark UK, the company which is now starting to distribute Sufix lines here in the UK, and I see from the list of lines they are making available in the UK right now that the Performance Pro 8 and 832 braids are on there - yippee! And both well below £20 RRP which really makes my day. I really want to try the Sufix Nanobraid for slightly lighter lure fishing, and that’s available as well. I can’t see the Sufix Invisiline fluorocarbon as being available in the UK yet, but I am going to try “nudging” them towards doing it as it’s seriously good stuff.

So there you go. This blog post most likely won’t change your life overnight, but I am one happy angler to see Sufix lines back on the UK market, and I hope now being done properly by a company that actually wants to do something with stuff that is of seriously good quality. You all have a good weekend and may plenty of fish crawl up your lines, and very importantly, may the Lions win tomorrow morning against a New Zealand Super 12 side that I believe hasn’t lost a game all season. Dream on?