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Outstanding bass fishing book........by B.A.S.S.

I know what goes into producing books, so I take my hat off to the guys at the Bass Anglers' Sportfishing Society (B.A.S.S.) for bringing this outstanding publication out. If you have any kind of interest in bass fishing then I implore you to click here and order this book right now - and then settle down and lose yourself in the world of fishing while all that cold weather swirls around outside. BASS and B.A.S.S. is something that all bass fishermen should take a look at.

What I admire most about this book is that they have not gone down the obvious route and simply produced a book full of bass fishing stories and anecdotes and nothing else - sure, there are plenty of "articles" by many of the classic names in bass fishing, full of passion and dreams, and there are also a number of articles by BASS members who successfully convey their love for chasing bass. But the clever thing about this book is that they guys have successfully woven in a huge amount of information about the kinds of things we need to know more about - bass habits and behaviour, what the society gets up to within sportfishing and conservation, all kinds of tips and techniques for all kinds of bass fishing, plus research and views on sustainability. This is all done in a way that feels very natural to me, in that I found myself wanting to read as much about actually catching bass as I did about say research and bass characteristics. Learning as much as possible is my goal in all this, and this book is a mine of information and enjoyment.

One of the sections I enjoyed the most was reading about various BASS members' striped bass fishing exploits over in the US - that is some very serious fishing when it fires, and it's great to hear about UK bass fanatics taking their skills and knowledge over the pond and scoring on the stripers. Something I simply must do in due course. There are also some great articles on some of the members' many trips over to Ireland - seems like anybody with bass on the brain is going to end up fishing those hallowed waters at some time or another.

It is impossible to come away from reading this book and not feel inspired, and I can't personally think of a bigger complement to give it. I am proud to be a member of BASS and I would hope that more bass fishermen out there will think hard about joining up and giving these people as much chance as possible to actually make a real difference. There are some good people out there doing a huge amount of (unpaid) work on our behalf, and whilst they mostly go unheralded, the least we can do is to join a society like BASS and help out a little bit. They have kindly asked me to give a talk at their AGM on Sunday 21st March and I am looking forward to meeting a bunch of the members then. Hopefully not too many people will fall asleep during my talk !!