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Outstanding north Devon bass

Photo courtesy Joel Squires

I got an email yesterday from a bass fishing guide in north Devon called Joel Squires, together with this photo of a simply outstanding 11lb 13oz bass that he caught from the shore the other day. And what really makes my day is that Joel of course looked after this magnificent fish and slipped it back after the experience. Joel tells me that he has been guiding bass fishing for six years now on the stunning north Devon coastline, and over 90% of his fishing and guiding is with lures. Check out his website here, and if you are anywhere near this great part of the world then make sure to contact Joel here about taking you out fishing. Oh, and the lure that did the business on this bass was the MegaBass X140 - Joel told "The X140 seems to be doing the business at the moment, it's the wiggle that turns the bass crazy !!" Could not agree more. The first two fish I saw caught on a MegaBass X140 were 8lbs and10lbs. Another lure that has never left my box since my mate Cian sneakily went back to his rucksack last year and clipped one on (see here). Nice one Joel. What a fish.