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Over two years with the Major Craft Truzer 9’ 10-30g lure rod - so what do I think of it now?

I am lucky to get the chance to mess around with a bunch of different lures rods, and whilst there does seem to be an amazing array of good lure fishing gear out there these days, it’s only natural that a few items really, really float my boat in a major way. I’ll tell you what I most enjoy about this 9’ 10-30g Major Craft Truzer that I have here - leaving it be, trying other lure rods out for a while, and then coming back to it and realising all over again how frigging perfect this rod is for me and my lure fishing for bass. If you read this blog I am sure you have noticed how many lure rods I get to play around with, but for all the gear I am lucky enough to try out, I haven’t found a 9’ long lure rod that I like as much as this near as dammit perfect (for me) Major Craft Truzer……..

OK, so I’ve heard a bunch of anglers complaining about their Truzers breaking on them, and whilst I can’t help but wonder if at least some of it is angler error and either not realising so or simply not admitting to it, I do also wonder if somewhere along the line there was a genuine problem with some of them. I have never heard anything from Major Craft to say there had been a dodgy batch of rods or anything like that, but nothing untoward has ever happened to me with any of the Truzer family of rods that I have fished with, so I am not about to damn a rod based on stuff I hear versus the rod I actually have here continuing to perform so perfectly for me.

I reviewed this 9’ Truzer in September 2014 (check here), and whilst as I said earlier I try out numerous different rods and therefore have not been fishing exclusively with it, it’s had one hell of a lot of fishing time with me over the last couple of years - and without a doubt I like the thing even more than when I wrote that review. Putting out a 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick on this 9’ Truzer is just awesome. I just feel so well connected to the lure if that makes sense, and because the rod is so incredibly steely, when a bass hits it feels like a glorious jolt of electricity right down my arm. I can still miss the frigging fish though, as indeed I did the other day!

I am more than comfortable fishing a decent 9’6’’ lure rod these days, but if you tied me down and allowed me to use the one length of lure rod for my bass fishing, I reckon I’d settle for 9’ long. Why? Partly because this 9’ Truzer is so damn good, and partly because I slightly prefer working various soft plastics especially on the slightly shorter rod. Does it matter? Not really when a rod like the sub-£200 Major Craft Skyroad Surf 9’6’’ is so ridiculously good, as indeed is the more expensive HTO Shore Game 9’6’’, but then I pick the 9’ Truzer up again, clip on say a DoLive Stick or IMA Salt Skimmer, and I can’t help but feel the love all over again.

This rod is every single thing I want from a regular casting weight bass lure fishing rod. It’s so incredibly steely and fast and responsive - which I like very much, but of course you may not - and I just love lure fishing with it. I can lengthen my drop a bit, slow down a touch, and put a Patchinko out a country mile if needs be, but for all the different hard and soft lures I have fished with on this 9’ Truzer, nothing gives me that feeling of connection as deftly (what, me?) fishing a soft plastic like the OSP DoLive Stick, or bumping a Black Minnow around in a bit of current or surf. If a lure rod is meant to transmit as much information to you as possible, I would suggest that no other 9’ lure rod I have fished with has ever done that job to a higher level than this sublime Major Craft Truzer 9’ 10-30g. In time a 9’ lure rod must surely come along that I will end up liking more than this thing, but wow is it going to have to be one hell of a bit of carbon to knock the Truzer off top spot………..