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Do you ever look at your fishing and think about a bit of a shakeup?

I still pinch myself every day that firstly we live where we do, and secondly that it’s so easy to go fishing around here. I love it. OK, so we might not tend to catch bass locally to me of the same average size that we tend to catch over in Ireland for example, but there’s plenty of fishing not very far from my house at all, and in general we see very few other anglers out and about. It’s in my DNA though to want to explore. I love having plenty of fishing so close to me, but it’s not the way I’m made to spend most of my home fishing time fishing my local waters nearly all the time.

Fishing to me is so much about seeing new places, learning all the time, meeting new people, and in general pursuing that sense of exploration - and I don’t mean jetting off around the world. My work might involve a bit of that, but I look at a map of Cornwall for example and I realise that I don’t actually know that much of the coastline. I might well have the most chronic case of cabin fever imaginable, but I have been thinking a lot about how I go about my fishing around here, and I am determined to shake things up a bit this year. Bass of course, I am determined to smash a bunch more wrasse on lures because it makes me giggle, and I am starting to buzz about mullet again.

I need to go wandering. I need to get out there and fish some different spots to the more local ones I have been fishing for a while now. I am not about to stop fishing the spots that I know the best, but back in the good old days I used to jump in my van with an OS map, a spike, hammer and a coil of rope and go wandering, on the hunt for fishing spots - whereas now we can do a certain amount of “exploring” online of course. I know that some anglers don’t seem to have much interest in exploring ground beyond their local patch as such, but it’s just not me at all. When you have such incredible access to the coastline like we do around here, why on earth not take advantage of it?

What about you? Do you have a heap of fishing close to where you live, or do you need to travel far and wide anyway to get out fishing? We are damn lucky to live down here, but perhaps we are guilty of sometimes taking it for granted? I am absolutely determined to mix up a lot of the shorter, sharper local sessions with a bit more getting back to discovering more of this perfectly glorious part of the world down here - and then I start thinking about Ireland, and the fact that I tend to go back to areas that I know well, and that there is so much coastline over there that I am absolutely dying to explore. My mind then starts to boggle and my brain fries with how much is out there that I have to try and find a way of experiencing. Familiarity is great, but doesn’t it make you buzz with thinking about what else might be out there?