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Paradise on earth

We had a hell of a rough crossing from Penzance on the Scillonian yesterday - I dosed my wife up on Stugeron and she just about got through it, but when we were off Land's End I thought they might turn the boat back it was that lumpy. Talk about rocking and rolling. There were some seriously grim looking people at the end of the trip, just dying to get off the boat and onto the quay at St. Mary's. I rather enjoyed it all - a bit of adventure !! I met a really nice angler from Cornwall called Jim who was telling me all about some very cool gilthead bream fishing he does. We should be getting together for a session or two in the near future.

The photos here are just a couple of happy-snaps that I took on my wife's little compact camera when we went out for a long walk yesterday afternoon. It was still howling, but if you tucked out it then it was just fantastic with that sun out. The Isles of Scilly are as completely breathtaking as I remember them being. It's very cool to be staying with Del and his girlfriend here on St. Mary's. OK, so we've talked about fishing just a little bit. How could we not ?

My wife and I went over to one of the off islands today, St. Martin's, with our dog Jess of course - this is dog heaven over here. We walked right the way around the island and it was just off the scale beautiful. What a place. Had a fantastic lunch outside at the hotel bistro. Hardly anybody around, and I was remembering certain parts of it from when we have been over filming in the past. As an angler, walking around these islands gets you going so badly. Every single rocky point, calm bay, white sandy beach and tidal rip just screams fish. If it all goes to plan then Del and I are intending to get out tomorrow for a shore pollack session. I seriously can not wait. What a place. So much fishing, so few anglers......

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