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People say you shouldn’t do it, but have you ever actually damaged a rod ring due to clipping your lure in it?

Sure as night follows day if I go and post a photograph like the one below up on Facebook, somebody is going to leave a comment along the lines of you shouldn’t clip your lure into your rod ring like that because you are going to damage it. Now whilst this makes perfect sense because rod rings or guides are meant to be fairly fragile things and so on, yes I do clip my lures into my rod ring (mostly the bottom one) when I am moving around when fishing - and I have never yet damaged a rod ring because of it…………..

Have you though? I understand where anglers are coming from on this, and perhaps one day I shall have cause to regret clipping my lures away like this, but it’s never happened to me, I have never seen it happen to anybody I have lure fished with, and I can’t really think of a better way to secure a lure on a rod when you are carrying it around. Is it one of those fishing things that people talk about but it doesn’t actually happen? Like the unseen bass you lost that was definitely a double figure monster?!

OK, so we are talking about lures here that aren’t exactly great big heavy things which I am sure could do some damage to rod rings, but then really big say GT lures call for far more robust rods with bigger rod rings etc. My mate chooses to clip his lure onto the bale arm of his spinning reel as per above which is another easy way to secure it, but as much as I have tried this method, to me it’s just so easy to clip your lure onto the bottom rod guide.

And I am more than happy to then strap my lure rod onto the Vac-Rac rod holders that are secured to my car, and still with all that bouncing around from driving with rods on there like that, I haven’t seen a rod ring damaged - and we’re talking about cheap rod rings right through to the most expensive Fuji Torzites. I am setting myself up for a fall here when next time out fishing and no doubt I go and break a rod ring, so please leave a comment and tell me if you yourself have actually damaged a rod ring due to clipping your lure into it.