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Persistence pays off........

We had a much harder day today, due mainly due to some very strong southerly winds coming in last night and blowing until about 9am this morning - plus some properly heavy rain. These winds really kicked the place up and blew a lot of marks out for most of the day, but along with Ger we worked hard and eventually came up with a few fish on the flood tide this afternoon. I can not tell you how good this local angler Ger Carey is, and he smashed a proper 8lb bass almost right off his rod tip in some pretty lively conditions. The lure in question was one that he catches lots and lots of bass on - the always killer Tackle House Feed Shallow. Would love to write more, but back late and up early tomorrow morning, and I need to edit and sort out all the photos I shot today. Here are a few to give you a flavour of what it was like today...........mote to come of course. What a place as always. Work hard out here and more often than not you will see some tidy fish.