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Phillip Hughes - far too young to die

Cricket fan or not, it cannot have escaped your attention that 25 year old professional Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes died from being hit on the head by a cricket ball - check here for example. 25 years old, playing the sport he loved and he dies doing it - what a complete and utter tragedy. I am a big time cricket fan and I can't really believe that a professional cricketer has died playing the game. Sure, you expect that batsmen are going to get hit from time to time, indeed fast bowling and the intimidation it can bring about are a part of the game - but a young batsman with his life ahead of him dying from a freak accident? It doesn't happen in cricket, surely...............

Do you ever look at whatever sport you might follow and remind yourself that for all the talent and skill these people have, for the most part they are mere youngsters with a life ahead of them after their professional sporting career is over. I love rugby and cricket with a passion, but there isn't a professional rugby player or cricketer out there playing for any top tier side who is older than I am. All the more shocking is the fact that Phillips Hughes was only 25 and will play the sport he loved no more. Injuries are a part of what these guys do, but I can't imagine that a batsman has ever walked out to bat and entertained the thought of dying from it. However scary the bowling was and however much these guys thought they could get hurt (the last Ashes series is a classic example), you don't die from playing the sport you love............

It was a complete freak accident that I am sure is not about to change the way cricket is played. Accidents happen and this tragic accident happened to befall a young professional sportsman. Watch this short tribute video here and tell me you don't choke up at what a hunger for life this youngster had. A life that has been tragically cut short. I feel for his family and friends. Phillip Hughes' mother and sister were at the game when he was hit on the back of the head. I read the reports of the accident and fully expected to read about this cricketer leaving hospital with a few nasty bruises. Never did I expect to read that Phillip Hughes died.

I'll tell you who else I really feel for here, and that's the bowler who delivered the fateful bouncer - Sean Abbott. Another youngster doing what he loved, and apparently a rising star of Aussie cricket. Fast bowlers bowl bouncers. It's as much a part of their "job" as you doing what you do for your work. Batsmen expect to face bouncers and it's all a part of the awesome sport that is cricket. But how is a youngster like Sean Abbott ever going to get over this? It was a freak accident and not remotely his fault, but how will he ever bowl fast again and be expected to bowl the odd bouncer when in the front of his mind will forever be the cruel fact that a ball he bowled ended up killing somebody? It isn't right and I hugely respect how much the cricketing world is getting behind this guy, but how will he ever come to terms with it? Phillip Hughes, RIP. What a complete and utter shocker. It ain't right, end of.

Anyway, on Sunday night I am heading over to France on the Plymouth to Roscoff ferry. If the weather allows I will be getting out and taking some photos with the lad who designs the Fiiish lures, Matt, and then later in the week we have various meetings etc. at Fiiish HQ in Brest. Going to France is always cool as it is, and I can't help but hope that I might get another taste of how awesome French bass fishing can be - as per our trip down there in November 2012 - check out some photos here. But as per Nick's short video clip above from that trip, I am also hoping that the sea isn't like this!! I will never forget those few days, and my respect for the way that some of these French anglers go about their sport is immense. I'll try and keep the blog updated next week, as much as time and internet access allows. You all have a good weekend.

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