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Pike fishing - very nearly....

I went out first thing this morning to do a bit of pike fishing with Danny Parkins from Tiverton, and while we did not land any fish, Danny had a nice couple of 10lb plus fish hit his lure and then shake the hooks free. I had a little jack grab my lure right beneath my feet, but in all honesty he would have had a hard time getting the hooks in his mouth he was that small. Danny also got followed right in by a really big fish that refused to take the lure. We both had a few more follows. It was a blast to get out and chase pike again, indeed it has been far too long.

We were fishing a couple of different sections of the Exeter canal, and take a look at the light in the photo above - this morning was beautiful, but by about 11am the rain was coming down so hard that I could hardly see what was going on. Time to wimp out and head for coffee !! Fair weather anglers eh ?

Danny uses a stunning little Shimano baitcasting multiplier that he picked up from Japan, plus a short, 6' jerk-bait rod that is designed to deal with casting and working some heavy lures. Note that he is standing back from the bank, because the cast before Danny was followed in by a decent fish. Like me, he loves to fish with lures, and I can't wait to have another go at the pike sometime soon. Danny also does a fair bit of bass fishing and his father is a mad keen sea angler.

I am out photographing some fly fishing with Nick Hart tomorrow, and the plan is to head into Cornwall and try and nail some wild browns on a Bodmin Moor reservoir. The forecast is up and down, but I know Nick feels pretty confident of getting the job done. Hopefully it isn't going to lash it down all day - a mix of sunshine and showers usually gives some pretty dramatic light. We shall see....

I have just taken delivery of a very special fishing rod indeed - bright red, nearly 10' long, an ultra-fast action and feather light. I think this might well be THE bass plugging rod that I have been looking for, but before revealing what it is and where you can get your hands on one, I will try to get out on the coast later this week and give it a thrash. In the hand it feels simply incredible - unlike any kind of UK spinning rod that I have ever come across, and it is has actually been designed purely for bass fishing with lures. I have a strong feeling that this is the one.........keep an eye on the blog and I will say what it is before the end of the week when I head off to the Florida Keys. This bass rod is not cheap, but if you want the best, then the best costs. Reassuringly expensive !!

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