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Please consider entering this raffle to win these stunning handmade lures, with all money raised going to such a worthwhile cause

I post a bit on the WSF forum, and a lad from there emailed me the other day to ask if I might consider trying to help out a bit with a raffle they are running to try and raise some more money to help look after this lad Geraint. Via the links below you can read all about this brave lad, and his story is something that hits home hard to me as my eldest girls suffers from asthma. I know the lad Hendrik Strydom who makes these lures, and take it from me, what he does with wood is just out of this world (you can find him on Facebook) - rather than me waffle on though, below is the email I received with all the details of how to enter this raffle to win these handmade lures. My sincere thanks for entering if you are so inclined……………

"Hi guys, We have some pretty amazing members on this forum, but I very briefly want to tell you about just two. I sincerely hope you will be touched by either, or both, enough to inspire you to help in any small way you can by dipping into your pockets to buy a ticket, or few, for these amazing hand made lures (all photos here are of the lures and box they will come in, thanks to Hendrik for allowing me to use them)."

"The first is Chris Richards - Chris has a son, Geraint, an asthmatic, who shares his father's love of fishing. Two years ago, aged 11, Geraint suffered an asthma attack on the way back from school that was so serious it affected his breathing enough to put him into a coma, and cause him permanent brain damage. I link two articles on this, here and here."

"Now, I am not a father, so I cannot even come close to comprehending the emotional devastation this fleeting moment of tragedy must have had on Chris, but many of you will be, and will understand only too well. Having a child hospitalised in these circumstances is the stuff of nightmares. Just imagine it for a split second."

"Or, to be Geraint. One minute a carefree young boy, able to happily fish alongside his father. The next, to be struck down and have all the little things we take for granted every single day snatched away by a cruel hand of fate. Chris or Geraint could be anyone of us on here. Any one of us. There but for the grace of God, and all that."

"The other person I want to tell you about is Hendrik Strydom. My story on him is just a simple one. Just that he has put himself out, and tried to help Geraint and Chris in the only way he knows how. By putting in huge amounts of time, effort and skill to produce these four amazing hand made lures to be raffled in their aid. They will come boxed as well. They are just stunning."

"Now, not only am I not a dad, I am also lazy and rather selfish, so the accounts of these guys leave me feeling unbelievably humbled. They don't think they are heroes, but they are. They are the little people who deal with life's cards, or help make the world a better place through incredible selflessness and thought. My comparatively tiny contribution to this cause is merely to tell you about them, and about Geraint, and to bring this raffle to your attention."

"All four lures, boxed, will be raffled for £5 a ticket to raise money for Geraint's care and treatment. The closing date will be the evening of Sunday, 30th October, with the draw taking place on Monday 31st. If you are into bass angling, or want some lures for a tropical holiday, then these lures will sell themselves. If you are not, try to justify buying a ticket to win them to give to a friend or relative? And, if you cannot do that, just buy a ticket in lieu of buying Hennie a beer for the time and effort he made to help someone else. He deserves that. So does Chris."

"More importantly, so does Geraint. Giving £5 is another way of being a hero too. There are a few ways to buy tickets -

Bank transfer £5, or a multiple of that, to:

Bank - Carter Allen

Account number - 56081080

Sort code - 16 57 10

OR, send a PayPal 'gift' payment to -


You can transfer money over the counter using those same account details.

Take a picture with your phone of the counter slip or send proof of your payments (screenshot etc.), and email it to me at benwaddington@mac.com

Even non-members of this forum can join in, so please do circulate this amongst your friends, family, or anyone who might wish to help. Thank you, on Geraint's behalf. Tight lines, Ben."

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